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Products for Hair, Scalp, Face and Body with natural active ingredients

My skin and hair are healthy all year round!

Based on the principle that our skin is the image of our inner health, Laboratoire Géomer inspired by the law of 5 Elements of Chinese medicine to offer you cosmetic care according to the needs of your skin and your hair throughout the seasons.

Do you have skin, scalp or hair problems?

Because, at Géomer, we believe that "what happens inside, can be seen outside", we design real care products, from nature, in order to deal with the problem at its source. All our products are composed ofingredients of natural origin.

YES, it is possible to fight effectively and naturally against wrinkles, cellulite, a graceful, dry, heated skin, with acne, eczema but also to fight dandruff, hair loss and damaged hair !

No longer hide your imperfections, take care of them!

Products adapted to your needs

Discover how to find and keep naturally beautiful skin and healthy hair thanks to personalized treatments adapted to your needs: The tailored cosmetic.

Do not hesitate to make your AESTHETIC DIAGNOSIS and your HAIR DIAGNOSIS. It's free !

Thanks to your information, we can then offer you the shampoos, creams, masks, products and treatments that really suit you but also adapt them to each change of season according to your needs.

You may know that our skin and hair do not have the same nutritional needs in winter as they do in summer.

Discover our product categories:

Regulating Gel
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Daily shampoo - Hair tonic
A unique formula for a gel with multiple uses for both scalp care and hair styling.

Eeliminates static electricity from hair during drying
Brings volume to the hair when brushing
Astringent for sweaty scalps
Toner for scalps without energy
Allows you to wash your hair daily without drying out the scalp
Toning treatment when wearing replacement hair

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Memory Fluid
Styling gel with modulated and flexible hold
This styling gel with natural active ingredients is of a new formulation which gives your hair an excellent hold of the hairstyle, volume and that while keeping flexibility.

Quite the opposite of the majority of styling gels and foams on the market.
Does not cardboard, does not create white films.
Styling gel, light hold, wet effect.
Exceptional sheathing effect without weighing down.

Extra Lizz Memory Fluid
Special smoothing styling gel
A concentrate of natural active ingredients specially selected to provide this styling gel with a smoothing effect while protecting the hair from high temperatures. Real heat shield for hair.

Specially designed to protect the hair from the high temperatures of straightening irons
Anti-frizz formula, smoothing effect
Does not cardboard and does not create white deposits
Exceptional sheathing effect without weighing down
Thermal protector