In winter, with the cold, the lack of energy: Nature hibernates

hiver Geomer

Are my skin and hair ready for winter?

  • Winter is a very important time for our skin and our hair.
  • In traditional Chinese medicine, winter is called the element WATER and represents hibernation par excellence.
  • During this winter period which begins in early December and ends in mid-February, surface energy (under the skin) reaches the organs in depth, leaving our skin and scalp (hair too).
  • This period is necessary for our body and for all of nature to recreate a new spring.

This lack of energy under the skin will lead to surface aging.

  • It is, in fact, during winters that we age the most.
  • Wrinkles and atony appear.
  • The hair is fuzzy and electric.
  • They will tend to fall for lack of vital energy.

Organs associated with winter:

  • The bladder
  • Kidneys
  • By analogy, we associate hair loss called "hormonal or androgenetic (hereditary)

Winter is associated with THE WATER ELEMENT.

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Energy winter: from November 8 to January 16


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