Male mixed hair loss

The solution against hormonal and deficiency hair loss in men

Basic care:

Alternate every other day Phytogel Bio H and theOligo F3

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"I have symptoms of both types of falls!"

  • My scalp is oily and heavy within 4 to 5 days of the last shampoo.
  • The roots of my hair are shining.
  • While the tips, on the contrary, are very dry.
  • I should wash my hair only once a week but my scalp has a pungent odor.
  • I lose my hair all year round
  • But in spring and autumn the fall is accentuated.
  • My hair is getting thinner and thinner like a baby's.
  • They break very quickly.

Complete care against Hormonal and Deficiency loss as in a capillary center

In this type of loss, which is called mixed (hormonal and deficient at the same time), the causes are multiple and care must be prescribed according to the very specific needs of each hair and each scalp.


garantie géomer

diagnostic capillaire géomer chute de cheveux

Important to know about hair loss

  • It is impossible to completely stop hair loss because we lose an average of 100-150 hairs per day.
  • It is more appropriate to say that we stabilize hair loss than to say that we stop hair loss.
  • So if you lose more than 150 hairs per day, then Géomer products will be able to stabilize your hair loss so that you only lose 100-150 hairs per day which will grow back within 90 days of stabilizing the hair loss.

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Our advices

  • Use a natural comb or a natural boar bristle or wood brush to protect the keratin in the hair.
  • Massage your scalp with the palms of your hands to activate blood circulation. Be careful, rubbing the scalp with your fingers promotes the appearance of sebum which contributes to accentuate hair loss. In addition, it allows a moment of relaxation, while stress decreases the micro-circulation of the blood, accentuating hair loss.


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