2. The FIRE element:

feu chinois


  • In the law of 5 elements, the element FIRE represents growth.
  • Yang's transformative and animating force is at its peak.
  • By analogy, FIRE is all that is life force: heat, sun ...
  • The energy in the human body is at its MAXIMUM.
  • Nature is in full bloom.

Correspondence with age:

  • The element Fire corresponds to the summer of life. It's between 15 and 30 years old.
  • At this age, we are all fired up.

Everything is in motion.

  • It is a period of intense activity in our organism. All of our fabrics are operating at peak performance.
  • People who are a little cautious will be fine.
  • Those who already have a lot of energy in them will get hot very quickly.

Organs related to the Fire element

This energy acts in us at the level of the heart (which pushes the blood which is the energy of our organism) and of the small intestine (which filters the blood). Imbalances are oxidation of the skin and hair, redness (excess fire, blood) and excessive sweating.

The element FIRE is associated with the SUMMER SEASON.