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How to promote and stimulate hair growth?

Bring them a concentrate of minerals and essential oils

  • Forget about food supplements that have little or no effectiveness.
  • The nutrients must be delivered to the hair follicle directly through the hair root.
  • A hair grows on average 1 centimeter per month. However, there are some factors that can hinder "normal" hair growth.
  • Géomer products rebalance the vital functions of the hair in order to stimulate the hair follicle. Discover how to oxygenate cells with Géomer Terrals>
  • Vitamins are not the basis of hair growth.
  • Your hair needs minerals to create Keratin which is nothing more than the protein created by our tissues thanks to the minerals they contain.
  • The Laboratoire Géomer has developed a unique product to promote hair growth and contribute to the formation of the keratin that composes it.
  • Its main component is monomethylsilanetriol present in Organic Silicon
  • The Oligo F3 : This helps the hair to grow faster and it stays strong and thick.

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Test our growth accelerator with guaranteed results!

The Oligo F3

oligo F3 du laboratoire géomer garantie géomer

All about this hair growth activator par excellence HERE


When applied daily, hair grows an average of 2 centimeters * over the first 30 days (approximately double the normal growth rate).

In order to reinforce the action of these products, it is recommended to make a cure of Organic Silicon (food supplement very effective on the growth of the hair on the basis of scientific articles)

* Observation made by many hairdressers who use Géomer products as well as by users who have given their opinion. Read the testimonials >>

Our advices

  • Use a natural comb or a natural boar bristle or wood brush to protect the keratin in the hair.
  • Massage your scalp with the palms of your hands to activate blood circulation. Be careful, rubbing the scalp with your fingers promotes the appearance of sebum which contributes to accentuate hair loss. In addition, it allows a moment of relaxation.

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