Entrepreneur and founder of Laboratoire Géomer

Alain Ledroit

  • Alain Ledroit is a Belgian independent businessman, born August 3, 1965 in Charleroi (Belgium). From father engineer and mother hairdresser. Alain Ledroit is the founder and director of the Géomer laboratory since 2009. After having lived between Belgium and the south of France (06220 Vallauris), he moved to Tallinn in Estonia since 2015 in order to develop the Laboratoire Géomer web activity. Laboratoire Géomer . Estonia is the most advanced European country in terms of internet technology.


  • From an early age, Alain Ledroit is convinced that diseases do not appear by chance. He is deeply convinced that it is the mind that is often the cause.
  • Just as plants are just as effective as medicines for healing.
  • One book in particular caught his attention: "Our Grandmothers knew" by Jean Palaiseul published by Robert Laffont editions. This book is a great classic of natural medicine. It combines a great tradition of wisdom and common sense, born out of respect for the laws of nature. These tips, passed down from generation to generation, help us live better and be better off throughout the seasons with what nature provides us.

Géomer products

  • In 1988, creation of the Exclusive and Plagénol brand by Idéaline Sas at 13410 Lambresh (France)
  • In 2002, the two brands Exclusive and Plagénol are brought together under the name Géomer.

premier logo Géomer

  • In 2004, from October the Géomer brand is purchased by the Alcos Laboratory in 13127 Vitrolles
  • In 2005, during a visit to the trade fair for beauty and aesthetics in Lille (France), Alain Ledroit meets for the first time the Géomer products presented by Laboratoire Alcos (Vitrolles France). Seduced by the concept that our skin is the outward image of our inner health. What heals the inside, heals the outside. He proposed the start of a partnership in the fall of 2005.
  • The collaboration began with the distribution of Géomer products in Belgium. With success with all beauty professionals.
  • In 2008 the Alcos Laboratory announces its intention to resell Géomer. Wanting to devote his activity only to the contract manufacturing of cosmetics for many commercial brands.
  • The January 26, 2009, Alain Ledroit buys the Géomer brand and creates the Laboratoire Géomer with its new logo.

logo Géomer

  • In February 2013, Alain Ledroit creates the online sales site for Laboratoire Géomer order to meet the demand of Internet users with skin and hair problems.
  • Laboratoire Géomer specializes in naturopathy and energetic aromatherapy.
  • Personalized hair and aesthetic diagnostics are offered free of charge to Internet users. This allows everyone to receive personalized advice and tailor-made products to the hair and aesthetic needs of the moment. These needs vary according to age, season, and lifestyle. All diagnostic requests are analyzed manually. An energy profile of birth is even established in order to be precise in terms of the care and products offered.

Alain Ledroit

Alain Ledroit is "Usui Reiki Master"

  • Everything on this planet is energy. Understanding it and knowing how to channel it, helps others learn to heal themselves.
  • Reiki is the art of channeling the vital energy of the Universe and the Earth. Then to transmit it by the laying on of hands. This technique of care of Japanese origin was implemented in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui.
  • Having successfully completed all the initiation training in Reiki, Alain Ledroit has become a Reiki Master. This means that he has the right and the skills to teach Reiki from the first to the fourth degree.
  • This Reiki energy is found in all Géomer products.
  • If you need to receive Reiki energy to help you heal yourself, have more energy etc ... Do not hesitate to contact us either by email or by phone to explain your concern. Alain Ledroit can send Reiki Energy to you remotely to help you. The effects are often very effective and rapid (but do not replace medications and prescriptions from your doctor).
  • Reiki is not a substitute for medicine but it can help it.
  • In Switzerland and Germany Reiki practitioners work in hospitals in collaboration with doctors.

Diplôme Maître Reiki Usui Alain Ledroit

diplôme troisième niveau reiki Alain Ledroit

diplôme second niveau reiki Alain Ledroit

Diplôme premier niveau reiki Alain Ledroit