The natural anti-lice treatment

traitement anti-poux naturel

Fight naturally and effectively against lice and nits.

Chemicals have their limits when it comes to lice.

  • The chemical treatments available in pharmacies and parapharmacy are generally long and restrictive. Therefore, they prevent the lasting elimination of lice and reveal a very high reinfection rate.
  • In the past, more traditional chemical treatments were used to treat lice epidemics, but it was clear that they eventually develop resistance to these treatments.
  • These products were, for the most part, composed of Permethrin and of piperonyl butoxide which are neurotoxicants and endocrine disruptors.
  • As a result, virtually all of these types of treatments have been replaced by preparations based on silicones, surfactants and oils that have the effect of choking lice. To be effective, these treatments must be applied over many days, or even weeks.

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Lice cannot stand certain essential oils present at a specific concentration!

  • To fight against lice, Laboratoire Géomer offers you in the form of anti-lice shampoo, a mixture, with a very precise dosage, of propolis, essential oils of lemon, of sage, of lavender, of thyme, of cloves, of juniper berries and D'eucalyptus.
  • Propolis, a natural antibiotic made by bees to prevent invaders from entering their hives. It is therefore a natural agent that repels and destroys lice that bees offer us.
  • The essential oils of thyme, lavender, lemon, clove, eucalyptus, juniper berry and sage present in high concentration become unbearable for lice. Their repellent effect remains very present after abundant rinsing of the Anti-lice shampoo Geomer.
  • These essential oils obtain an immediate result on the lice which is visible from the first application.
  • After a break of 10 minutes, the lice disappear completely.

shampoing anti-poux Géomer

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The complete treatment:

  1. In a course of three consecutive days, use the anti-lice shampoo Geomize while respecting the 10-minute break time during each daily shampoo.
  2. Apply 30 ml (1/3 of the 100 ml bottle) of anti-lice shampoo on dry hair (for optimal results) Distribute well over the entire hair with a comb and massage.
  3. Do not add water and leave to act for 10 minutes.
  4. Add a little lukewarm water and create a good emulsion (foam). Massage well and pass a lice comb to eliminate lice and nits
  5. Then rinse thoroughly
  6. Repeat this application 3 consecutive days.

In the event of persistent nits:

  • Before the application of anti-lice shampoo apply a lens of Dermo-purifying peeling gel Geomer.
  • Thoroughly massage the affected hair with your fingertips to soak the nits in Gel Peeling.
  • Then apply the anti-lice shampoo as described above.

As a preventive measure:

  • Make an anti-lice shampoo and leave on for 5 minutes then rinse well.
  • The presence of odors from essential oils in the hair will have a repellent effect preventing the arrival of new lice

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