The off-season between summer and fall: END OF SUMMER

A very important period that must be negotiated in order to derive all the benefits for our skin and hair as well as for our health in general.

  • The season that is slowly coming is that of autumn.
  • You have to understand how exactly these inter-seasons work and for what purpose, in order to be in harmony with nature.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the concept of the law of 5 elements. 5 Energies, 5 seasons, 5 influences on our body and on the nature that surrounds us.

The end of summer

  • It is important to remember that the Law of the 5 elements takes into account for its different dates the position of the earth in relation to the sun.
  • It is therefore linked to the astronomical calendar and not to the Gregorian calendar as we know it.
  • Since June 21, the length of the day has started to decrease. This represents the second phase of summer with declining light activity.
  • From July 21, we arrive in a period called intermediate. Summer is starting to fade away but we are still there.
  • While autumn is not yet present but is making itself felt. We can start to observe the fall of the leaves from half of August (especially on poplars).
  • We must be very careful because we are not referring here to meteorological concepts but energy. The same energy that makes snowdrops grow in spring. That ripens fruits and vegetables in summer. That makes the leaves fall in autumn. And who puts everything in hibernation to endure the cold of winter.

This energy influences everything that is alive on our planet.

As for Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is very attentive to what is happening during this off-season period. This important period makes it possible to check the state of health of the person observed. You just have to look at the energy output state of your human body. Because if there is an energy imbalance (skin or hair problems), it will immediately increase during the off-season. This is the ideal time to provide the necessary care (based on observations) and help the new energy mechanisms of the following season to settle properly. So that energy can flow freely and correctly: a healthy body, healthy skin, healthy hair… this is only possible with healthy energy circulation in the human body. This type of observation is absent from Modern Medicine but very important in the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The important dates of summer and fall are:

July 7 to 22 = slight heat

From July 23 to August 8 = the off-season between summer and autumn also called: end of summer.

From August 9 = it is the beginning of autumn (summer phase of autumn)

From August 9 to August 22 = phase of great heat

From August 23 to September 7 = heat stop.

September 8 to September 22 = phase of white dew

September 23 = autumn equinox (day equals night)

From October 9 to October 22 = cold dew

From October 23 to November 7 = possible frost, winter is fast approaching.

Understanding these seasonal rhythms is important in order to be in physical and psychological balance with the nature that surrounds us.

  • The off-season which is between each of the 4 seasons is not an additional season. It is actually a very specific energy that allows you to switch from one energy state to another (from one season to another).
  • This 5th element is associated with the energy of the spleen and stomach.
  • It is also called the EARTH Element.
  • Just like the Spleen and the Stomach must take charge of the passage of food through our digestive system.
  • The Earth Element must also assume the transitions of energies, their harmonization.

The Spleen:

Its role is very important:

  • “The Earth element is an ability to take on the passages and transitions, to ensure that the transformations from one breath to another take place smoothly. All Yin Yang breaths find their harmony in and through the Earth. The position of time expressing the Earth element is therefore a position of harmonization… /… The quality of transition specific to Earth time can thus be found between each of the Four Seasons. We then take 9 days at the end and the beginning of each season to make it the intermediate time ensuring the passage from one season to another. The Earth therefore receives 4 times 18 days to express itself in time. »(Sources: The 101 key concepts of Chinese Medicine. Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée. Guy Trédadiel editor.)
  • The Spleen, associated with the Earth element, is responsible for daily maintenance by assimilating nutrients that come from the Earth.
  • It controls transport and transformations: it makes the essences extracted by the stomach from food usable by the body and ensures the delivery of nutrients throughout the body.
  • Thus nourishing the flesh and tissues, vital circulations and organs, it supports all functional activities.
  • From the product of digestion, the Spleen generates body fluids by transformation and ensures their transport to maintain and irrigate all parts of the body. Hence its importance in the metabolism of liquids.
  • Abnormalities in the distribution of nutrients result in swollen bellies, diarrhea, fatigue and exhaustion, emaciation, disorders and blockages in the circulation of nurturing breaths ...
  • Poor management of fluids results in water retention, mucus, edema, diarrhea… pathological humidity.
  • This causes skin rashes like dandruff on the scalp, the presence of eczema, psoriasis, and others.
  • The Spleen presides over the blood: it participates in the formation of the blood and is responsible for its fluidity. Too thick, the blood stagnates and too light it easily comes out of its circulation in extravasation or hemorrhaging.
  • On the other hand, the renewal of the breaths of the body relies on the maintenance and nutrition offered by the Spleen.
  • When the Spleen is functioning well, the murmurs are strong enough to move the blood and prevent stagnation.
  • If it is weakened, they no longer hold blood. Hence bleeding, often chronic (blood in the stool, uterine hemorrhages, etc.).
  • The Rate controls the Four Members. It carries liquids and nourishing breaths in all directions and to the extremities of the body. But it also supports the renewal of Yang breaths, capable of warming and moving.
  • When the Spleen is working well, the limbs move smoothly and lightly.
  • Otherwise they are heavy and swollen, flabby and tired.
  • Lack of strength makes movement difficult; the lack of ideas makes it difficult to want to move and act… /…
  • The state of the mouth, that of the lips, of the coating of the tongue, of the taste are intimately linked to the proper functioning of the Spleen… /…
  • In the mind, the Spleen is associated with the subject, the outline of mental forms, as well as with the thought, which gives form to what is in the mind.
  • It is easily reached by the thought which becomes obsessive and by the depression which depresses, when its capacity to receive and transform in order to circulate weakens. "
    (Sources: The 101 key notions of Chinese Medicine. Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée. Guy Trédadiel editor.)

the off-season = the ideal therapeutic observation period

  • The season when the spleen is active, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a special time for therapists. It is the passage from one season to another.
  • If the whole body is functioning well. If the organs related to the 5 elements are functioning properly. Then the whole body will be in perfect balance. Perfect health, perfect skin and perfect hair.
  • On the other hand, during the offseason, if we notice the slightest imbalance at the level of the 5 elements (organs associated with these 5 elements). Each slight visible imbalance should be treated as quickly as possible by appropriate energy treatment. Otherwise, the slightest concern detected will turn into heavier and more difficult to treat pathologies.
  • The off-season is therefore the best time to be vigilant about your state of health.
  • Prevention is better than cure = the fundamental principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You don't dig a well when you're thirsty ... it will be too late.
  • The off-season is the ideal time to consult your doctor preventively. The latter will be able to practice energy harmonization, advise the use of a particular Terral Géomer or of a Geomer Amplitude. He will even be able to give advice on healthy living and food for the coming season. All this taking into account any imbalances that appeared during this change of season.

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