4. The METAL element:

métal chinois

Slowed energy:

  • In the Law of 5 Elements, the element METAL represents the decline of energy.
  • It takes on a lasting form by cooling: drying and hardening.
  • Yang decreases towards the end of its cycle.
  • By analogy, METAL is the sap which goes down to the roots of the tree by carrying the minerals there.

Correspondence with age:

  • The Metal element corresponds to the fall of life. It is between 45 and 60 years old.
  • The period of maturity when air is needed. And this literally and figuratively.
  • Sadness can set in if there is not enough oxygen in the lungs.
  • The skin becomes drier and wrinkles appear.

This drop in energy is felt.

  • After the full activity of the end of the summer, we will need to breathe a bit to recover.
  • The energy slowly descends to prepare for winter.

Organs related to the element Metal

This slowing down of energy acts in us at the level of the lungs and the large intestine. This is what causes us to lose many of our minerals resulting in skin that becomes very demineralized and therefore very dry and reddened. Minerals attract water (if there are no minerals, there will be no water). It will be necessary to remineralize before wanting to rehydrate.

The METAL element is associated with the AUTUMN SEASON.