Natural body scrub: Our homemade recipe!

gommage jambe maison du laboratoire géomer

Elimination of dead cells and deep skin hydration

  • This type of peel is very gentle on the skin.
  • It perfectly eliminates dead skin and helps the skin to regenerate.
  • Ideal during sun exposure if you want to keep a tan even after the holidays.

Le Laboratoire Géomer vous propose de réaliser, chez vous, un gommage corps naturel au sel marin. Cette recette, très douce pour la peau, élimine parfaitement les cellules mortes, laisse votre peau bien hydratée et vient contribuer à sa régénération.

Our sea salt peeling recipe:


  1. Mix in equal parts 100 gr of sea salt (prefer a fine salt if you have sensitive skin - the coarse salt being intended for normal skin) and 100 ml of Phyto Douce Emulsion. Non-greasy moisturizing emulsion.
  2. Add to this mixture 12 drops of Amplitude n ° 4.
  3. Amplitude n ° 4 will have a calming action and allow your skin to relax. It brings it the necessary regeneration, thanks to an improvement of the subcutaneous blood microcirculation.
  4. Gently massage your body (in circular motions and always from bottom to top to help circulation).
  5. After the massage, remove the residues of the peeling in the shower with Seaweed Shampoo. (It is also used for the body because it is rich in algae and minerals. Ideal for this type of care.)
  6. Dry your skin then apply the Phyto Douce Emulsion on the body to soothe the skin after exfoliation.
  7. It will hydrate your skin in depth thanks to the blood activation created by the salt peel on your skin.

amplitude numéro quatre du laboratoire géomer émulsion phytodouce du laboratoire Géomer shampoing aux algues du laboratoire géomer

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This treatment is general and can vary according to the needs of your skin by choosing theAmplitude tailored to your needs.

The + of the Phyto Douce Emulsion : Use there to calm shaved areas. After waxing the legs but also the eyebrows and upper lip.

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