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Products for Hair, Scalp, Face and Body with natural active ingredients

My skin and hair are healthy all year round!

Based on the principle that our skin is the image of our inner health, Laboratoire Géomer inspired by the law of 5 Elements of Chinese medicine to offer you cosmetic care according to the needs of your skin and your hair throughout the seasons.

Do you have skin, scalp or hair problems?

Because, at Géomer, we believe that "what happens inside, can be seen outside", we design real care products, from nature, in order to deal with the problem at its source. All our products are composed ofingredients of natural origin.

YES, it is possible to fight effectively and naturally against wrinkles, cellulite, a graceful, dry, heated skin, with acne, eczema but also to fight dandruff, hair loss and damaged hair !

No longer hide your imperfections, take care of them!

Products adapted to your needs

Discover how to find and keep naturally beautiful skin and healthy hair thanks to personalized treatments adapted to your needs: The tailored cosmetic.

Do not hesitate to make your AESTHETIC DIAGNOSIS and your HAIR DIAGNOSIS. It's free !

Thanks to your information, we can then offer you the shampoos, creams, masks, products and treatments that really suit you but also adapt them to each change of season according to your needs.

You may know that our skin and hair do not have the same nutritional needs in winter as they do in summer.

Discover our product categories:

Hydro Alcoholic Gel: EN14476
En stock
Waterless cleaning and disinfection solution
Do not dry the skin

Wash hands without water, soap, no rinsing
Immediate action
75% of alcohol at 95 ° (High quality ethanol from perfumery)
Fresh and light effect
Does not stick to the skin
Gelatinous appearance
External use
Non-aggressive for the skin thanks to its cosmetic grade gel
Makes the skin soft after application
From € 1.99 / 100 ml bottle (per set of 10 x 100 ml)

All our bottles are closed with a flapper cap.
Dosing pumps available as an accessory.
Available in 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml and bulk.

Our economic packages:

Batch of 10 X 100 ml = € 19.99 or >>€ 1.99 / 100 ml instead of € 2.99
Batch of 10 X 200 ml = 25.99 € i.e. 2.59 € / 200 ml instead of 3.99 €
Batch of 5 X 500 ml = 23.96 € or 4.79 € / 500ml instead of 5.99 €
Batch of 3 X 1 liter = € 26.99 i.e. € 9.99 / liter instead of € 11.99

Bulk possibilities from 10 liters up to IBC of 1000 liters
Soap 100% Olive oil
Natural Soap known as "from Castile"

Cold saponification 100% olive oil.
Ancestral method
Fragrance-free, palm oil-free, preservative-free.
Surgras of 7 % composed only of olive oil
Gently cleanses and moisturizes thanks to its natural glycerin from olive oil.
Suitable for the whole family. From Baby to Grandpa through breastfeeding mom.
It breaks down completely and is biodegradable.
Washes the body, private parts and hair.
Universal soap : He is used in the shower. And he washes too the shower, the dishes, the house and the linen.
Vegan, Economic, Zero waste.

Amplitude N ° 1
Synergy of essential oils for oily skin
Amplitude n ° 1 is specific to the WOOD element, in spring.

Stabilizes excess fat and sebum on the skin and scalp
Reduces and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous and seborrheic glands
Exclusive and innovative principle of Laboratoire Géomer : It allows certain products to be adapted to oily skin and scalps

Hair balm
En stock !
Wheat Protein Protective Conditioner

Allows a ultra easy disentangling of all hair types
Brings shine and volume
The perfect treatment for porous and dry hair
Care feeding and sheathing. he repair the parched ends of damaged hair.
Very concentrated, a teaspoon is enough per application.

Terral Green
Special mask for oily skin, sebum, black spots
Terral Green mask with green Montmorillonite clay specific to oily skin.

Special seborrheic skin
Stabilizes the sebaceous glands and excess sebum
Performs deep drainage of skin tissue
Eliminates pimples and blackheads linked to excess sebum
For face, body and scalp
Eliminate acne in depth

Disinfectant liquid: EN14476
En stock
Antibacterial and powerful antiviral
Disinfects all types of surfaces.

Used to thoroughly clean, shine and disinfect all surfaces
Spray, wait 30 seconds and then wipe off.
80% 95 ° ethanol
With real lemon essential oil
Complies with standard EN 14476
From € 1.99 / 100 ml bottle per set of 10 x 100 ml

Our economic packages:

Batch of 10 x 100 ml = 19.99 € i.e. >> 1.99 € / 100 ml
Batch of 5 x 500 ml = 23.96 € i.e. 4.79 € / 500 ml instead of 5.99 €

Possibility of bulk from 10 liters up to IBC of 1000 liters
Natural Soap Oily Skin
Soap that stabilizes excess sebum

Cold saponification 70 % Olive Oil + 30% Coconut oil.
Surgras of 7 % composed of unsaponified olive oil andAmplitude 1 (Wood element)
Cleanses, hydrates and stabilizes excess fat and sebum.
wash it body and the scalp.
It breaks down completely and is biodegradable.
Vegan, economical, Zero waste.
Ingredients 100% natural

Ultra "L" lipid rich cream
En stock !
Specific lipid richness: Anti-aging, Dry to very dry skin and Mature skin

Intense care cream and treating or preventive in the case of abnormal dryness, dull, wrinkled skin.
Special dry skin. To be applied to the face day and night. Restores suppleness to very dehydrated skin without leaving oily marks.
Adaptable cream tailored to your skin type, its needs and seasonal needs.

New Formula richer, smoother, creamier and more effective!

Amplitude N ° 2
Synergy of refreshing essential oils
Amplitude n ° 2 is specific to the FIRE element, summer.

Stabilizes too red, too vascularized skin
Decreases skin temperature, hypothermic
Regulates perspiration thanks to its powerful cooling effect
Limits excess blood under the skin

Universal Oligo
Mineral Hair Tonic
The Universal Oligo contains all the trace elements essential for health and hair growth.

Mineral hair tonic
Natural fixative
Activate growth
Promotes the balance of the hair fiber
Provides hold and natural shine

Terral Red
Decongestant clay mask
Terral Rouge with decongestant, refreshing, anti-perspirant clay.

Specific for (red) skin engorged with blood
Eliminates rosacea
Stop burns, sunburns
Avoid excess sweating
Performs deep drainage of skin tissue
For face, body and scalp