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Energizing Shampoo
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Special shampoo for fine, oily, perspirant hair

Specific for fine hair, quickly greasy, lacking volume
Specific for perspiring scalps
Very popular with teenagers going through puberty
Limits the need for frequent shampooing
This shampoo can be made to measure to perfectly meet the needs of your scalp.
Customized personalization is free. Just fill in the My Custom Shampoo Questionnaire and choose the tailor-made Energizing shampoo when ordering. We will adapt your shampoo to the needs of your scalp.

> Which shampoo to choose and how to tailor it?
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Terral Green
Special mask for oily skin, sebum, black spots
Terral Green mask with green Montmorillonite clay specific to oily skin.

Special seborrheic skin
Stabilizes the sebaceous glands and excess sebum
Performs deep drainage of skin tissue
Eliminates pimples and blackheads linked to excess sebum
For face, body and scalp
Eliminate acne in depth

(4,8/5) on 12 rating(s)
Purifying serum
Cleanses acne-prone and oily skin

Deep cleansing gel against acne and sebum
Specific for intoxicated skin following hormonal imbalances whose repercussions appear on the forehead, chin and under the chin.

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Amplitude Oil N ° 1
Synergy of essential oils for oily skin
Amplitude n ° 1 is specific to the WOOD element, in spring.

Stabilizes excess fat and sebum on the skin and scalp
Reduces and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous and seborrheic glands
Exclusive and innovative principle of Laboratoire Géomer : It allows certain products to be adapted to oily skin and scalps

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Oligo F4
Calms and soothes the skin
Calming, soothing and stabilizing gel for irritated skin and scalps.

Calms and relieves immediately from the first application
Very powerful healing
Special irritated skin (redness, dryness, itching)
Stabilizes skin that tends to sweat too much and be quickly irritated
Ideal for sensitive skin
Calms and soothes the skin following a sunburn, a burn
Restores the balance of oily and acne-prone skin
Ideal complement to specific products against dandruff, psoriasis, eczema

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Cryominceur gel
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Deep draining cellulite gel.

Eeliminates encrusted cellulite in 21 days
Active against water retention
Accelerates surface blood circulation for deep tissue drainage
Eeliminates localized fatty deposits that overload the silhouette

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Natural Soap Oily Skin
Soap that stabilizes excess sebum

Cold saponification 70 % Olive Oil + 30% Coconut oil.
Surgras of 7 % composed of unsaponified olive oil andAmplitude 1 (Wood element)
Cleanses, hydrates and stabilizes excess fat and sebum.
wash it body and the scalp.
It breaks down completely and is biodegradable.
Vegan, economical, Zero waste.
Ingredients 100% natural

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Phyto Douce Emulsion
Moisturizing and mineralizing milk, non-greasy.
The perfect mineral hydration for skin and hair.

Emulsion of non-greasy vegetable oils
Perfectly assimilated by skin and hair
Replenishes the lipid film of the skin
Adaptable to measure for all skin types
During the hot summer months, choose the refreshing model: Summer special

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Ultra "L" lipid rich cream
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Specific lipid richness: Anti-aging, Dry to very dry skin and Mature skin

Intense care cream and treating or preventive in the case of abnormal dryness, dull, wrinkled skin.
Special dry skin. To be applied to the face day and night. Restores suppleness to very dehydrated skin without leaving oily marks.
Adaptable cream tailored to your skin type, its needs and seasonal needs.

New Formula richer, smoother, creamier and more effective!

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Cellular Regenerator with Organic Silicon
Regenorsil is rich in Organic Silicon. It helps rapid regeneration of skin cells as soon as it is applied and helps fight skin aging. Its direct action makes it possible to:

Regenerate the skin from the inside
Promote the disappearance of wrinkles
Soften the skin by helping it to re-mineralize
Help regrow new hair
Rebuild skin and hair cells
100% assimilable by the skin

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Hair balm
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Wheat Protein Protective Conditioner

Allows a ultra easy disentangling of all hair types
Brings shine and volume
The perfect treatment for porous and dry hair
Care feeding and sheathing. he repair the parched ends of damaged hair.
Very concentrated, a teaspoon is enough per application.

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