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Soin pour cheveux permanentés du Laboratoire Géomer

How to take care of your hair ?

The finding

  • When we want to have curls or waves that last over time on our hair, we must do what is called a perm.
  • However, this perm has the particularity of drying out our hair because it causes a chemical modification of the hair.
  • To keep your hair supple, soft and curly, we offer a very simple treatment with Géomer products to combine with your usual perm products.

How to maintain beautiful curls?

Indication: Leave for 2 minutes

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How to do your perm like at the hairdresser?

For Pure Nature Curls!

Ask your hairdresser to follow these instructions for use for perms with essential oils.

Our professional care for permed hair

  1. Start by washing your hair with G5 shampoo.
  2. Then apply Hair Balm by following the instructions as if it were a conditioner. It nourishes, sheaths and repairs your hair. This step will not hinder the perm product at all. On the contrary, it will help the hair to remain flexible.
  3. Wring out the superfluous.
  4. Roll up your hair using your usual method.
  5. After the pause time necessary for the desired curl, as with any perm, rinse for a long time.
  6. Then spray Regenorsil on all curlers to soak the hair. This Regenorsil spray will ensure you hold the perm and prevent hair elasticity that is detrimental to brushing and to its final texture.
  7. Leave on for two minutes.
  8. Then proceed, as you usually do, to setting the perm.
  9. After the pause time required for fixing, unwinding, second fixing and the last rinse, pour over the hair a bowl of lukewarm water containing 10 drops ofamplitude N ° 4.
  10. This last operation will have the effect of eliminating the particular odors of the products with perms, of refreshing and soothing the scalp by suppressing a possible reaction.

Shampoing G5 du laboratoire géomer baume capillaire du laboratoire géomer régénorsil du laboratoire géomer amplitude numéro 4 du laboratoire géomer

To note that the product for creating the curls is thioglycolytic acid. We are therefore going to use the PH Correcting Shampoo to stabilize the acidity of the hair and thus maintain beautiful shiny curls. We find the G5 Shampoo before the application of the perm because it does not modify the acidity.


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