Treat dandruff

se débarrasser des pellicules permanantes

How to get rid of dandruff?

They are intense and present throughout the year and you no longer know how to fight against dandruff that constantly reappears?

We have the solution !

What is permanent dandruff?

  • Dandruff is caused by an excess of toxins in the scalp.
  • As it is difficult for them to be eliminated by the lymph's natural pathways, these toxins will then be evacuated via skin cells. These cells overloaded with toxins die and come out in the skin as "dead cells" also called dandruff.
  • Dandruff is intense, localized or generalized.
  • They are present on the scalp all year round.
  • They are difficult to remove and you do not know what to do about dandruff?
  • Having dandruff all the time means that the scalp is engorged with toxins that cannot escape naturally (the lymph).
  • With this kind of dandruff, it is essential to use products that will help the scalp to eliminate toxins from the inside by promoting lymphatic drainage.
  • Only a deep anti-dandruff treatment will permanently eliminate dandruff at the source.

Our first anti-dandruff tip

  • The first thing to do is drink water.
  • Choose low-mineralized water with a dry residue of less than 50 mg / l because water that is too loaded with minerals will not allow you to easily clean your body.
  • Then drink 1.5 liters of water per day but absolutely in small sips (as tennis players do) because if you drink large amounts of water at once, this water will go directly into the kidneys without irrigating all the tissues in your body.
  • An article on the subject was published on the blog: read the article >>

Basic care:

Frequency of application: 2 times per week

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Avis client Terral Jaune Géomer traitement anti-pelliculaire

Treatment to eliminate dandruff as in the hair center

We recommend that you do this treatment once a week.

  1. Start by applying 13 to 16 drops ofAmplitude n ° 3 on the entire scalp to purify and cleanse the skin.
  2. Then addPlural oil massaging your scalp to soften the stratum corneum and peel off, remove dandruff.
  3. Next, apply a 1-millimeter-thick layer of Terral Yellow. This will drain the skin deeply and rid it of its toxins.
  4. Leave on for 10 minutes.
  5. Rinse well and dry the hair with a terry towel.
  6. Distribute over the entire scalp SEC 2 pressures of Propolis shampoo, specific anti-dandruff. This is to be tailor-made. Massage the scalp well to distribute and penetrate the active ingredients.
  7. Do not wet and let stand for 7 minutes.
  8. Add a little water and lather like a traditional shampoo.
  9. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry your hair.
  10. Finish by spraying Regenorsil, whose action will contribute to cell regeneration, on the entire scalp and apply a few lenses of'Oligo F4 to stabilize the scalp.
  11. Do not rinse and style.

amplitude numéro 3 du laboratoire géomer huile plurielle du laboratoire géomer terral jaune du laboratoire géomer shampoing propolis du laboratoire géomer régénorsil du laboratoire géomer oligo F4 du laboratoire géomer

Most : For more ease in the application of Terral, use a suitable brush or one applicator bottle. This is to avoid using too much product.


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