The Clays

Les argiles utilisées par le Laboratoire Géomer

What types of clays do we use in our Terrals and why?

  • Montmorillonite Green Clay : Regulates excess sebum. It has astringent properties. Mineral contribution.

  • Montmorillonite Red Clay : Promotes blood circulation and soothes. Mineral contribution.

  • White clay Montmorillonite : Rich in magnesium and strong mineralizing power.

  • Illite Yellow Clay : Purifying function. Mineral contribution.

  • Bentonite clay : Eliminates impurities. Helps to oxygenate cells. Mineralizing power.

  • Marine silts (rock) : Its high mineral concentration helps generate lymphatic drainage on the skin. Detoxifying action.

Laboratoire Géomer has designed clay masks also composed of essential oils, vegetable oils, algae and minerals in order to offer you genuine draining and anti-aging treatments:

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