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Maintain your hair daily

For strengthened hair, protected all year round and a scalp free of impurities: Call on Géomer!

We design YOUR tailor-made shampoo as well as natural treatment treatments adapted in case of scalp imbalance. Adapting your products according to your current needs is the key!

THE Geomer made-to-measure solution is simple, fast and free of charge: I click here>

Determining and understanding the origin of the affection, the elements that your body needs to function properly during the current season allows us to bring you your tailor-made care.

It is by taking care of your hair and scalp that you will be able to regain and maintain healthy hair! Because our hair is our finery, wear it with pride!

“I say yes to my hair! "

  • Yes to strong hair that proudly crosses the years
  • Yes to supple and light hair
  • Yes to easy-to-comb hair
  • Yes to well protected hair in winter and summer
  • Yes to a fresh scalp freed from its impurities
  • Yes to a healthy and healthy scalp
  • I say yes to my personalized products!

My hair and me a story for life

Since the dawn of time, we have attached great importance to our hair. They allow us to highlight our personality, to reveal who we are. It is not for nothing that kings and high dignitaries used wigs in order to show their power to everyone. Nowadays, the hair still holds an important place. We do everything possible to keep it intact for as long as possible.

My hair, I love it so I take care of it with: Natural Hair Care

  • All Géomer products come fromingredients of natural origin and designed to maintain our hair throughout the seasons.
  • Taking care of your hair is not just about washing it but also caring for it by allowing the active ingredients to properly nourish the hair at the root.
  • We design our products according to the nature of your hair and also take into consideration the needs of your scalp. Tailor-made adaptation to your personal needs is offered by Géomer. Do not hesitate to make your diagnosis.
  • Tailor-made treatments have also been proven, for many years, in hair regrowth and in preventing baldness.
  • Geomer's shampoos and natural hair care products allow you to maintain vigorous hair season after season and year after year.
Hair balm
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Wheat Protein Protective Conditioner

Allows a ultra easy disentangling of all hair types
Brings shine and volume
The perfect treatment for porous and dry hair
Care feeding and sheathing. he repair the parched ends of damaged hair.
Very concentrated, a teaspoon is enough per application.

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Universal Oligo
Mineral Hair Tonic
The Universal Oligo contains all the trace elements essential for health and hair growth.

Mineral hair tonic
Natural fixative
Activate growth
Promotes the balance of the hair fiber
Provides hold and natural shine

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Oligo F3
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Hair growth activator
Composed of 3 essential trace elements for hair (Iron, Copper, Zinc), Oligo F3 is used for:

Activate hair growth
Nourish hair
Help thin, bodyless and limp hair to be stronger and more vigorous
Make hair grow faster
Have stronger, thicker hair
Stop hair loss by directly addressing the causes of deficiency loss

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Phyto Gel Bio H
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Hormonal drop stabilizer
Phyto Gel Bio H is the solution against hormonal loss in both men and women.

Very effective gel, with guaranteed results, to fight against hair loss called hereditary or androgenic alopecia (AAG)
Natural treatment for baldness in men and women
Increases the speed of hair growth
Stabilizes oily scalps
A clinical study confirms its effectiveness

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Cellular Regenerator with Organic Silicon
Regenorsil is rich in Organic Silicon. It helps rapid regeneration of skin cells as soon as it is applied and helps fight skin aging. Its direct action makes it possible to:

Regenerate the skin from the inside
Promote the disappearance of wrinkles
Soften the skin by helping it to re-mineralize
Help regrow new hair
Rebuild skin and hair cells
100% assimilable by the skin

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Plural oil
Dry care oil for skin and hair
A non-greasy combination of vegetable oils selected for their protective, repairing, softening and nourishing properties. It is very easily eliminated with water.

Becomes an energy massage oil by adapting it with a Geomer Amplitude
Allows to take off, (dissolve) without tearing, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and other crusts on the skin
Deep treatment for dry and porous hair
Natural protection of hair during coloring, bleaching
Brings shine to colored and treated hair

(4,4/5) on 21 rating(s)
Dermo Purifying Peeling Gel
Deep purifying and sanitizing for the skin
Sanitizing skin gel for skin affected by:

Important dandruff.
Eliminate fungal infections.
Cleanses skin loaded with toxins.

From the first application, the "straitjacket" effect disappears. The skin breathes and leaves a feeling of lightness.

Also suitable for children for skin use.

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Oligo F4
Calms and soothes the skin
Calming, soothing and stabilizing gel for irritated skin and scalps.

Calms and relieves immediately from the first application
Very powerful healing
Special irritated skin (redness, dryness, itching)
Stabilizes skin that tends to sweat too much and be quickly irritated
Ideal for sensitive skin
Calms and soothes the skin following a sunburn, a burn
Restores the balance of oily and acne-prone skin
Ideal complement to specific products against dandruff, psoriasis, eczema

(4,6/5) on 18 rating(s)
Phyto Douce Emulsion
Moisturizing and mineralizing milk, non-greasy.
The perfect mineral hydration for skin and hair.

Emulsion of non-greasy vegetable oils
Perfectly assimilated by skin and hair
Replenishes the lipid film of the skin
Adaptable to measure for all skin types
During the hot summer months, choose the refreshing model: Summer special

Current promotion: 2 + 1 free (100ml bottles)
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Memory Fluid
Styling gel with modulated and flexible hold
This styling gel with natural active ingredients is of a new formulation which gives your hair an excellent hold of the hairstyle, volume and that while keeping flexibility.

Quite the opposite of the majority of styling gels and foams on the market.
Does not cardboard, does not create white films.
Styling gel, light hold, wet effect.
Exceptional sheathing effect without weighing down.

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Terral White
Draining and mineralizing clay mask
The Terral Blanc mask with algae and essential oils:

Special dry, demineralized skin
Powerful draining of skin tissue
Calming and soothing
For face, body and scalp
Allows perfect penetration of the active ingredients of anti-wrinkle products, hair regrowth products, slimming products, care products
Indispensable for effectively combating skin aging

(4,7/5) on 49 rating(s)
Terral Green
Special mask for oily skin, sebum, black spots
Terral Green mask with green Montmorillonite clay specific to oily skin.

Special seborrheic skin
Stabilizes the sebaceous glands and excess sebum
Performs deep drainage of skin tissue
Eliminates pimples and blackheads linked to excess sebum
For face, body and scalp
Eliminate acne in depth

(4,8/5) on 12 rating(s)