The Geomer Spirit

Nature does things well

This is our philosophy at Géomer!

"Our outer beauty is the image of our inner health"

  • If we come back to this forgotten notion: Heal yourself thanks to what nature gives us.
  • Today, faced with the display of cosmetic products, we no longer know which to choose, which really suits us. Is a chemical cosmetic treatment always more effective than a natural plant-based product? Do we really know what it contains?
  • With Géomer products, we provide a line of hair and aesthetic care, without resorting to petroleum products.
  • Let’s no longer try to camouflage our imperfections but let’s look together at how we can treat them.

By what we think "what happens inside, is seen outside"we assume that"what heals the inside, heals the outside".

  • Our different ranges of care are designed from natural medication. We are inspired by 5 seasonal energies of traditional Chinese medicine based on the principle that we are subjected to variations of different energies throughout seasons. Chinese medicine explains that there are not 4 but 5 seasons, based on the law of 5 elements, influencing our body, our skin and our hair.
  • Géomer comes to offer you real care products with ingredients of natural origin by adopting, according to the seasons, the contributions of elements that you need.
  • We work with the desire to provide everyone with a personal and natural solution to take care of their skin, hair and scalp and to give you the keys allowing you to better understand the nature around you but above all to better to know you. > Access our blog here

Our goal: To regain and maintain healthy skin and hair!

  • We believe that a personalized treatment and follow-up is the solution for an optimal result. To help us get to know you better and always give you better advice, we have set up three questionnaires. A Skin Diagnosis, a Hair Diagnosis (for hair and scalp) and a diagnosis to determine and adapt your Tailor-made shampoo.
  • However, let's not forget that if Géomer skincare products are designed to regulate and bring a balance between our internal health and our external beauty, our balance also requires a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

"Take care of your body so that your soul wants to stay there"

Mahatma Gandhi

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