Hair regrowth program

How to grow your hair back? or

How to stimulate hair regrowth!

Laboratoire Géomer has developed a unique hair regrowth program

What does the Géomer anti-hair loss and hair regrowth program consist of?

  • The objective of this program is to create all the conditions necessary to promote hair regrowth.
  • Depending on the evolution of the balance of the scalp, this program allows to observe different stages:
  1. Hair loss will stabilize
  2. The hair will grow stronger and thicker
  3. New hair will start to grow again
  4. The hair will densify and stabilize

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What's the first step?

  • Do you want to start treatments to stop your hair loss or to regrow your hair?
  • We recommend that you first of all make your Hair Assessment HERE>
  • Carrying out your hair and scalp diagnosis allows us to offer you a personalized program and products.
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  • Are you currently on the hair regrowth program and want to know when to change your program?
  • We advise you to request a new prescription according to the evolution of your care via our hair diagnostic questionnaire.

Anti-hair loss and hair regrowth treatments according to the different stages and their evolutions:

Faire repousser ses cheveux ? Découvrez le programme repousse capillaire détaillé de la stabilisation de la chute des cheveux à la repousse développé par le Laboratoire Géomer.  Lutter contre la perte de cheveux en utilisant des produits naturels pour la repousse des cheveux et surtout adaptable sur mesure.

Precision : Rapid hair regrowth, ie visible from the first applications of a product; that is not possible. Hair regrowth occurs in a specific cycle.

The regrowth phases:

  1. Duration of Phase 1 : From 1 to 3 months, until the fall stops.
  2. Duration of phase 2 : After stopping phase 1 (fall). Continue for 2 to 3 months, until the appearance of regrowth.
  3. Duration of phase 3 : Depending on the intensity of the loss. From 6 months for scalps which are slightly balding to 3 years for severely bald scalps, until the hair is denser.
  4. Duration of phase 4 : Daily maintenance of hair and scalp.

Application of products:

Before each application, loosen the scalp well to facilitate good blood circulation. The scalp skin should be able to pinch between the fingertips.

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Terral (tailor-made according to your diagnosis)

Apply a 1mm thick layer all over the dry scalp.

Leave on for 10 minutes.

Rinse well with lukewarm water. Then wipe off with a dry towel.

Shampoo (tailor-made according to your diagnosis)

Apply 2 pressures of shampoo in the hand to distribute over the entire scalp while massaging.

Leave to pause for the recommended time.

Add a little water to emulsify.

Rinse well and pat dry with a dry towel.

Organic Phytogel H (hormonal drop)

Distribute 1 to 2 pressures over the entire scalp with your fingertips.

Massage to make the product penetrate well.

Do not rinse. Do not hurt

Oligo F3 (hair growth)

Distribute 1 to 2 pressures over the entire scalp with your fingertips.

Massage to make the product penetrate well.

Do not rinse. Do not hurt

Regenorsil (cell regeneration)

Distribute 1 to 2 pressures over the entire scalp.

Massage well to make the product penetrate well.

Insist on areas of regrowth.

Do not rinse. Do not hurt

The results :

photo avant après traitement repousse cheveux géomerphoto avant après traitement contre la chute de cheveux géomer

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To know your personalized hair program according to your hair loss and benefit from the adaptation free of charge tailored of your products, complete the hair questionnaire:


! Géomer products are designed for scalps that suffer from hair loss, are balding more or less strongly and incipient baldness.

The more advanced the stage of fall, the more complicated it will be to achieve even moderate regrowth.

We don't promise to regrow hair on a completely bald person.

garantie géomer

All our products are GUARANTEED 3 MONTHS

The warranty is renewed on anti-hair loss and hair regrowth products during a 2nd purchase = 6 MONTHS GUARANTEED

Valid on standard volumes (intended for 3 months of use): Read the conditions HERE

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