Trace Elements and Mineral Salts

Trace elements are elements present in tiny amounts in our body. However, they play a major physiological role. Mineral salts work identically. The difference being their mineral origin.

Les minéraux utilisés par Géomer

What are the ones used by Géomer and what roles do they play?

Trace Elements:

  • The copper destroys bacteria, microbe and viruses.

  • The iron plays a leading role in cellular respiration.

  • Zinc will help to cleanse and calm problem skin (eczema, psoriasis ...).
  • Magnesium is essential for any form of cell reproduction and participates in the proper functioning of the nervous system connected to our skin. Effective in the fight against skin irritations.

  • Silicon : Cellular regenerator. It helps to counter hair loss.
  • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant.

Mineral salts:

  • Calcium, in addition to its function of building the skeleton, promotes blood coagulation.

  • Potassium contributes to the functioning of the nervous system (related to our skin), adrenal glands and kidneys which can be problematic in certain skin conditions.

  • Manganese allows our body to defend itself against oxidation and cellular aging.

  • Sulfur combats imperfections and improves the quality of skin and hair.

Small focus on Silicon: One of our main assets

  • Mineral Silicon is the main constituent of the earth's crust (27,80% by weight) after oxygen (46.60%). It is found in amorphous or crystalline form in many rocks such as granites, sands, clays ...
  • Organic Silicon differs from the previous one by the presence of one or more carbon atoms associated with hydrogen. In this form, it is one of the essential elements of living matter. It is found in particular a significant amount in tissues, cartilages, thymus, vascular walls, adrenals, liver, spleen, pancreas, hair ... But the amount of Organic Silicon decreases in humans with aging, and irreversibly because humans are unable to transform the mineral silicon that they ingest (in food, drink, etc.) into organic silicon.
  • Mineral Silicon cannot be assimilated by the human body. Silicon "recharges" the organism with organic silicon. Richly charged with negative and positive ions, it restores the ionic balance of damaged or weakened cells, revives cellular exchanges and is directly involved in the cell regeneration process.
  • These cell regeneration properties give organic silicon extremely convincing effects during hair loss, breakage or other phenomena preventing the hair from thickening and lengthening. Its remineralizing power is enormous, it restructures the skin and hair, cleanses the cell, decongests, protects and restores, it accelerates healing ... The supply of silicon delays skin aging and the related manifestations: wrinkles, dull complexion , redness ...

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