Clay Mask - Purifying Face and Hair Mask

Purifying Clay Mask Face and Hair

Facial radiance and scalp health

Purified skin and a healthy scalp with Face and Hair clays

Applied in mask on face or in mask on the scalp, Géomer Terrals are designed to prepare the skin for skincare products. They are essential for optimum assimilation of Géomer treatments. Whether used in cures or occasional maintenance according to your needs, Terrals are your skin's allies.

A real makeover!

Their benefits on our skin and scalp are multiple. They are coming :

  • Sanitize
  • Appease
  • Soften
  • Tone
  • Activate micro circulation promoting hair regrowth
  • Protect the skin from climatic hazards
  • Make the redness disappear
  • Moisturize deeply
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Plump the skin of our face

Green clay, Red clay, Yellow clay, White clay and Gray clay: Rediscover the power of nature

Géomer Terrals are available according to the Law of 5 Elements.

The choice of the type of clay is made according to the desired goal. Do you want to get rid of impurities from your scalp or face and preserve beautiful skin throughout the seasons? Do you want to help your scalp to maintain beautiful, healthy hair?

It is necessary to drain deeply to regenerate well: this is the secret of Géomer Terrals

When we observe unsightly imbalances in our skin or our hair, it means that our lymphatic system is deficient (network that purifies our body by recovering toxins and pathogens eliminated by our cells). Tissues become engorged, toxins accumulate and cells degenerate. This is why, before trying to regenerate and stimulate the tissues, it is essential to perform a deep drainage of these tissues.

Good lymphatic drainage allows cells in difficulty to be able to oxygenate, cleanse themselves and assimilate regenerating products.

  • Géomer has developed specific clays in order to be able to perform deep lymphatic drainage of the tissues to which they are applied.
  • The active ingredients of skin care products are thus easily assimilated by the skin tissues.
  • Because we believe in the power of nature, all of our products are designed fromingredients of natural origin.
  • The high mineral concentration in Terrals has the effect of attracting liquids to the upper layers of the skin, thus creating enhanced surface hydration.
  • these Terrals Géomer masks act on the meridians of the skin of the body and the scalp like acupuncture needles to activate hair regrowth, eliminate eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles and all skin concerns.

Enjoy all the benefits of Terrals. Combine them with your Géomer treatments!