We also use other ingredients of natural origin in our care products

  • Sage Oleoresin : Natural vegetable secretion like the resin of a tree. Very powerful purifier.

  • Borneol (in crystalline form): Powerful and refreshing antiseptic. Organic compound from a plant source (thyme, sage, rosemary, roman chamomile, wild thyme, aspic lavender). It is analgesic, immunostimulant and invigorating. Helps in hair regrowth.

Natural preservatives:

  • Dehydroacetic acid or adehydroacetic acid in French : Organic compound of natural origin. (Naturally present in nature, its reproduction in a synthetic manner is also authorized for Natural and Organic products because it is characterized as being "identical to nature".)

  • Benzyl alcohol or benzyl alcohol in French: Naturally present in certain plants, it is found in essential oils such as cinnamon, ylang-ylang ...

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