5. The WATER element:

eau chinois

Lack of energy, the end of a cycle:

  • In the law of 5 elements, the element WATER represents the last of the elements.
  • The end of the cycle, the lack of energy: the MINIMUM.
  • It represents passivity. The latent state that awaits a new cycle.
  • It is also gestation in the aqueous medium (WATER).
  • The climax of Yin as the Yang hides and prepares for the return of the next cycle.

Correspondence with age:

  • The element Water corresponds to the decrease in energy in our body. The end of life. From the age of 60 until the end of life, 75 years or more.
  • To push back the end of life as far as possible. You have to bring energy to the body through action, movement, physical activity. This period, if it is well managed, can lengthen or even double.

The lowest possible energy before ...

  • When the energy is at the lowest it can reach, then it can only go up to start a new cycle.
  • Hibernation while waiting for the new season.
  • It is, for the human being, the stage of old age, from 60 years.
  • It is not the end of life but the end of the cycle before anything else.
  • Remember that wood always follows water. Spring always follows winter. Rebirth always follows death ...

Organs related to the water element

This lack of energy from the element Water acts in us at the level of the bladder and kidneys causing surface aging. Wrinkles and atony appear. The hair becomes hazy and electric.

The WATER element is associated with the WINTER SEASON.