Summer, my main mission:

Protecting my skin and hair

  • The summer season is the most intense, the hottest of the year.
  • The days are long. We want to move and enjoy it.
  • This is why in traditional Chinese medicine summer is represented by the element Fire. It represents all that is growing, all that is full of energy.

été geomer

Throughout this summer periodit will take protect both hair and skin the harmful effects of the sun and its UV rays. We give priority to products that will protect us from this oxidation.

  • Skin oxidation: Sunburn, burns, redness.
  • Hair oxidation: Hair with open scales, dry hair, hair thinned in the sun

The summertime and his hot weather entail theappearance of redness (excess of Fire, blood), as well as excessive sweating.

  • On the skin: Drying, thickening, wrinkles, premature aging.
  • On the scalp: Too much perspiration leads to demineralization and then hair loss

Laboratoire Géomer has designed specific products to add to your usual and permanent coloring products, resulting in colored, curly hair that is not damaged in its natural state.

Organs related to summer:

  • The heart
  • The small intestine

Summer is associated with THE FIRE ELEMENT.

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Energy summer: from May 6 to July 20


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