Fat, heavy and shiny roots? What to do with hair that grows too quickly?

How to treat an oily and seborrheic scalp?

The finding

  • The hair grows back from the 3rd day after shampooing.
  • The roots are dull and heavy. A slightly acrid odor emanates from the scalp.
  • A slight loss of hair, more important than that due to normal renewal, can be observed.

! Be careful, if you have to wash your hair every day, you have a Perspiring scalp.

You are not sure whether your scalp is oily or which products are right for you.

Complete the questionnaire Hair Diagnosis and receive free advice from our specialist.

Basic care (slight excess of sebum):

If your hair is thin and greasy overnight

shampoing énergisant géomer garantie géomer

Avis client Shampoing énergisant pour cuir chevelu gras géomer

If your hair is oily after 3/4 days and the ends are dry

Frequency of application: 2 times per week

terral vert géomer garantie géomer

Avis client terral vert géomer  pour cuir chevelu gras

Intensive care for oily scalp - hyper active seborrhea:

We recommend that you do this treatment once a week for 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the importance of the problem).

The goal is that your hair greases less and less quickly.

Step 1

Apply 10 to 13 drops ofAMPLITUDE 1 on a cotton ball and massage the entire scalp to eliminate the crystallized sebum on the scalp which slows down hair growth.

2nd step

Then apply the GREEN TERRAL to a thickness of 1millimeter over the entire scalp. Distribute well and let stand for 10 minutes. The Terral Vert will drain and stabilize excess sebum.

Step 3

After rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water, shampoo. Apply 2 pressures of Energizing Shampoo, distribute well with fingertips over the entire scalp and leave on for 7 minutes. This shampoo foams very little and this is normal because it is very rich in essential oils (concentration of 7%). The excess foam is contrary to the good balance of the hair. Despite the absence of foam, rinse well to remove all the shampoo.

NB: Your Geomer hair specialist may recommend another bespoke shampoo than that of this treatment and that according to your personal needs following the answers to the questionnaire below:

Quel shampoing choisir ? Comment être sûr que les produits sont bien adaptés à mes besoins ? Répondez à notre questionnaire gratuitement. Après un diagnostic personnalisé, le Laboratoire Géomer vient vous proposer des cosmétiques sur-mesure et naturels.

This care is general and can vary according to the personal needs of each one. This is why we recommend that you complete the Géomer hair diagnostic questionnaire (below) in order to find out exactly what is right for you.

Amplitude 1 du Laboratoire Géomer Terral vert du Laboratoire Géomer Shampoing Energisant du Laboratoire Géomer

Most : For more ease in the application of Terral, use a suitable brush or an applicator bottle. This is to avoid using too much product.


To know the nature of your scalp and benefit from the adaptation free of charge tailored of your products, fill out our "Hair balance" questionnaire:


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