Scalp that sweats or greases?

How to treat excessive scalp sweating?

Before you start, it's important to know if you have an oily or sweaty scalp.

  • The scalp has a tendency to "grease" very quickly the very day of shampooing or even the next day.
  • This rapidity observation is the most important element to remember when diagnosing hyperhidrosis, ie a real excess of sweating.
  • The roots are shiny, the hair tends to be more curly around the ear.
  • Due to the demineralization that this hyperhidrosis causes, the hair tends to be thinner.
  • We often tend to confuse hyperhidrosis with seborrhea (oily hair).
  • This error can cause Reactional Seborrhea.
  • If you wash your hair too often with so-called "oily hair" shampoo while your scalp is sweaty, you will dry out your scalp. Consequently, it will automatically secrete sebum to alleviate this dryness.

! If you have to wash your hair every day, you have a sweaty scalp and not a Oily scalp.

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Basic care:

Frequency of application: Once or twice a week

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Treatment for scalp affected by heavy sweating:

We recommend that you do this treatment twice a week for 2 to 3 weeks.

  1. Start by massaging your scalp with 13 drops ofAmplitude n ° 2 to decrease skin temperature and refresh. The massage will soften your scalp.
  2. Then apply a 1-millimeter layer of Terral Red all over the scalp. Terral Rouge is used to drain, decongest and limit excess sweating.
  3. Break time 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water and wring out the hair.
  5. Then apply the Energizing Shampoo, specific for perspiring scalp, at the roots. This is to be tailor-made.
  6. Break time 7 minutes.
  7. Then wet. This shampoo doesn't lather a lot.
  8. Rinse well despite the absence of foam.
  9. And wring out your hair.

amplitude 2 géomer Terral Rouge du Laboratoire Géomer Shampoing énergisant du Laboratoire Géomer

Most : For more ease in the application of Terral, use a suitable brush or an applicator bottle. This is to avoid using too much product.


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