Algae, a natural treasure for the human body.

plage du Finister pour récolter des algues

  • Despite the pollution, the marine environment certainly remains a healthy source of supply. The products that can be extracted from it are worthy of the greatest interest.
  • Algae are remineralizing, moisturizing. They accelerate the movement of interstitial fluids, promote drainage and purification of the scalp and skin according to the principle of osmosis. These exchanges make it possible to eliminate the excess, restore the cell to its balance, a greater capacity for regeneration and growth.
  • Most of the algae we use comes directly from Brittany.
  • We must realize that our body is basically composed of water at 75% and minerals. These minerals are then used by our body

What algae are used in our products and why?

explication Lithothamnesexplication fucus vesiculousexplication laminaireexplication carraghenane

  • Lithothamniated : For their strong remineralizing power (75% minerals)

  • Fucus Vesiculous: For the combustion of excess fat

  • Laminaria: Remineralizing and Hydrating

  • Carrageenan : Softening and Gelling

  • Red Algae Extract : Protects the hair fiber against the heat of the hair straightener

  • Phytoplankton extract : Protects skin cells against free radicals in anti-aging products.

  • Spirulina : Has exceptional regenerative qualities and is very effective as an anti-aging ingredient.

plage et algues pour le soin de la peau

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