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Natural Soap 100% Vegetal - Zero Waste - Ancestral Recipe

A logical, intelligent and necessary return to basics!

  • The vegetable soap from Laboratoire Géomer is made from one of the most noble basic ingredients: olive oil.
  • The saponification technique used is called cold saponification.
  • It is an ancestral technique dating from Roman times (around the year 300). Pharmacists of the time called these soaps by their Latin name: Sapo Hispaniensis (Spanish soap) or sapo castilliensis (Castile soap = region where this type of saponification was born).
  • Thanks to the Crusades, the manufacture of this soap spread to the entire Mediterranean region. Then to many parts of Europe and the Americas.

Cold saponification of olive oil:

  • Cold saponification is still little known today. Although its use dates back centuries and its virtues are immense. In Roman times, only royal families could afford this type of soap. Doctors prescribed it for anyone with sensitive or fragile skin. Very quickly dermatologists recommended it to people with psoriasis, eczema, cradle cap.
  • The cold saponification method (SAF) is not used by cosmetics manufacturers. Because this ancestral technique requires blocking a large stock of finished products during a period of cure (= drying) which requires patience for 6 weeks.

Manufacturing method:

huile d'olive bio

  • Cold saponification is a technique that will create a chemical reaction between olive oil and sodium hydroxide (NAOH) = pure caustic soda in grains.

  • In antiquity, soda was used either of mineral origin or of vegetable origin. Since 1861, soda has been produced using an inexpensive process developed by the Belgian chemist: Ernest Solvay.
  • The soda is mixed with very precise proportions of water. This mixture rises quickly in temperature (+/- 85 ° C) to cool slowly.
  • Despite the name of cold saponification, olive oil is heated to around 35 ° C to be mixed with soda and water. Which will produce the appearance of natural glycerin. Excellent for the skin.
  • For skin comfort and in order to obtain a soap that does not break, olive oil is added at the end of production which will not undergo saponification = the super-fat
  • This mixture makes it possible, with stirring, to obtain a thick paste which, once ready, is poured into a mold.

huile d'olive saponifiée

  • A first period of rest is in a room heated to 40 ° C for 48 hours.
  • Then a drying period of 4 to 6 weeks in a special and ventilated room will be necessary to obtain a ready-to-use soap.

The properties of this ancestral soap:

There is natural glycerin:

  • The natural glycerin contained in olive oil is perfect for the skin. And is very (too) often absent from the composition of industrial chemical soaps that you find on supermarket shelves.
  • This glycerin is very little present in soaps called '"Marseille's soap"Hot saponified. This type of soap is great for washing floors and clothes. But not recommended for maintaining skin.

Its moisturizing and nourishing properties for the skin:

  • This type of soap also called "Castile Soap" has very moisturizing and nourishing properties for the skin. It is therefore recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin.
  • It brings a brighter appearance and helps the skin to protect itself from external attacks such as seasonal variations.
  • In addition to protecting the lipid film of the skin, it helps it to regenerate.
  • The oils are better preserved because they are not scalded.
  • It is also an excellent antiseptic and healing agent. Just rub it on wounds or insect bites.

100% natural and bio degradable:

  • Without preservatives and palm oil.
  • Product not tested on animals.
  • It is completely bio degradable and does not contaminate groundwater. Does not pollute rivers or the sea. And helps reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Designed without packaging to minimize the carbon impact.

Géomer protège la planète

Laboratoire Géomer acts just like you,

for the preservation of our planet!

An economical soap for the whole family:

  • Our soaps have a minimum of 4 weeks drying time when we send them to you.
  • Over time, they will harden and brighten. There is no time limit for their storage away from humidity.

The association of ancestral European knowledge and traditional Chinese medicine:

Natural energetic and holistic soaps from Laboratoire Géomer

les savons naturels de Géomer

  • True to its philosophy of energetic and holistic skin and scalp care. The Laboratoire Géomer has developed a range of natural soaps according to the Law of 5 Elements. This makes it possible to meet all the specific needs of the skin, throughout the year and with the variations of the seasons.

Discover our different natural soaps:

  1. The Castile soap 100% olive oil. For all skin types. Ideal for children and pregnant women because it does not contain essential oils. To discover here.
  2. The Oily Skin Soap of the'Wood element : Specific for oily, acne-prone skin, for scalps with excess sebum. Rich in energetic essential oils selected according to the Wood Element of the Law of 5 Elements. To discover here
  3. The Freshness Soap of the'Fire Element : Refreshing and decongestant. Ideal for excessively hot, engorged or sunburned skin. It is rich in essential oils selected according to the Fire Element of the Law of 5 Elements. To discover here
  4. The Propolis soap : purifying and sanitizing of the'Earth element for skin and scalps loaded with toxins and pruritus. It is enriched with pure Propolis Resin. It does not contain essential oil. Perfectly suited for adults or children with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and others like milk crusts, various skins. To discover here
  5. The Dry Skin Soap with seaweedMetal element: Mineralizing and calming for Dry to very dry skin. Rich in algae and Energy Essential Oils selected according to the Metal Element of the Law of 5 Elements. To discover here
  6. The Soap Toning and Warming of the'Element Water. Ideal for the care of the skin or the scalp which lacks tone and warmth. It is rich in Essential Oils selected according to the Water Element of the Law of 5 Elements. To discover here