Plant actives have been proven for centuries!

actifs végétaux

We design our products with ingredients of natural origin

  • The Géomer methodology and formulas are born from the observation of natural laws.
  • We manufacture cosmetics from medications from naturopathy transformed into gel, lotions, creams, balms and shampoos adapted to today's requirements.
  • The formulas are developed fromnatural active ingredients drawn from the plant, mineral, terrestrial and marine kingdoms. Plants and fruits provide us with extracts in different oily or aqueous forms. It is possible to extract from soil, stone, principles essential to the proper functioning of our body. The sea is also a source of unsuspected healing riches ... It is from all these synergies that we draw in order to create rich and effective formulas.
  • The selection of an ingredient, scientifically proven to be effective, is not enough if the concentration necessary for this effectiveness is limited by additional costs. The mention of this ingredient is then only marketing.
  • Concentration is directly linked to the selection of substances associated in synergy. The choice of the formulation of a cosmetic product must be made as a function of the action to be obtained as well as of the average cutaneous tolerance threshold.
  • We respect life and our products are not tested on animals.
  • All our products are guaranteed paraben and PEG free.

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