how to treat hair loss in women

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Traitement contre la chute de cheveux femme

What to do against hair loss in women?

Your hair, don't let it fall!

  • Do you suffer from female alopecia? Have you ever tried vitamins or even a drug against female hair loss but your hair keeps falling out? Our response regarding Minoxidil>
  • While it is true that taking care of your hair also involves a varied and balanced diet, it has been proven that food supplements have little or no impact on our skin and our hair. Indeed, these are largely rejected by our body directly in the toilets ...

  • To nourish the hair follicle, we need to provide it with the nutrients it needs from the root.
  • However, in order for it to be effectively stimulated, the vital functions of the hair must first be rebalanced.
  • Thanks to skin application, Géomer products directly penetrate the scalp to activate micro-circulation in the bulb and strengthen the hair. See the explanatory video here>

  • The general belief is that the fall is hereditary or also called hormonal, androgenetic, androgenic. Now, female hair loss like masculine is mainly due to premature aging of the scalp or to an imbalance thereof, thus promoting the loss and non-regrowth of our hair.
  • Based on the teachings of ancestral Chinese medicine, Laboratoire Géomer has been able to target many causes or origins, much more precise, other than the hereditary factor.

Your hair program according to your hair loss

Natural remedy for female hair loss

  • The concentration of natural active ingredients in our products is pushed to the maximum for greater efficiency.
  • Treatment against hair loss is specific to each person according to the characteristics of their hair loss. Each of our programs is therefore specific.
  • To find out the nature of your hair loss, we recommend that you do your HAIR DIAGNOSIS

Female hair loss treatments:

You experience a gradual fall with increasingly fine hair indicating the end of the renewal cycle. Month after month, your hair is dense. It is therefore not a matter of hair loss seasonal.




Treatment of hair loss related to pregnancy:


Treatment of hair loss localized to one or more areas:


Treatment of hair loss related to medical treatment:


The results :

photo avant et après traitement anti chute et repousse du laboratoire géomer

Read the Aurélie's testimony>

"They weren't pushing anymore they started pushing again." "... the fastest regrowth was at the top of the head / forehead ..."

"A friend advised me to Geomer. The advice is free and my hair is growing back."

Read the testimony of Chantal Gomez

témoignage client avec photo repousse cheveux

Read the Rita's testimony>

Discover all the testimonials on stopping the fall and the regrowth observed here>

Important to know

  • It is impossible to completely stop hair loss because we lose on average 75-100 hairs per day (normal hair life cycle).
  • It is therefore more appropriate to say that we stabilize hair loss than to say that we stop hair loss.
  • If you lose more than a hundred hairs per day ("abnormal" loss), then Géomer products will be able to stabilize your loss so that you only lose the normal average amount of hair per day. These will grow back within 90 days of stabilizing the fall. See our


To know the nature of your hair loss and benefit from the adaptation free of charge tailored of your products, do your "Hair report":


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