In autumn, your skin and your hair, do not let them down!

Throughout this season, it will be necessary to Re-Mineralize the skin and hair as much as possible.

automne Géomer

We are used to hearing: "It is the fall of the leaves, it is also the fall of the hair".

  • In autumn, the influence of the Earth is very important both on the nature around us and on our own organism.
  • This causes the sap to descend into the trees and also the leaves to fall.
  • In our body, it is the lymph which will slow down its surface activity resulting in a decrease in blood circulation under the skin.
  • This causes demineralization of the skin. It is drier during the fall and this is accentuated during the winter.
  • At the level of the hair, given that the scalp is poorly irrigated and therefore poorly supplied, the hair will become dry, brittle and then will fall out. This is the lack of hair loss.

Organs related to fall:

  • Lungs
  • The large intestine

Autumn is associated with THE METAL ELEMENT.

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Energy fall: August 8 to October 20, 2020


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