les abeilles et la propolis

What is it and why is it used in Géomer products?

A powerful natural antibiotic made by bees

la propolis

  • Propolis is a material (resin) produced by bees which they use to coat the internal walls of the hive in order to seal cracks but above all to cleanse and protect their habitat from viruses.
  • They particularly coat the entrance to their hive with propolis to prevent diseases from infecting the inside of the hive.
  • This brown / greenish resinous substance consists of resin and balm (approximately 55%), wax (about 30%), volatile oils (about 10%) and pollen (about 5%). Its composition may vary depending on the plants and trees nearby.

propolis à l'entrée de la ruche

  • Recognized as a very potent natural antibiotic and as an effective wound healing agent, propolis is used in empirical medicine in the treatment of malignant tumors of calluses and wounds.
  • It was used a lot to treat wounds by military doctors who recorded excellent results.
  • It is given multiple virtues to propolis and its uses are very diverse.

This natural antibiotic helps to cleanse the skin and scalp

The Géomer laboratory uses Propolis

to treat skin and scalp concerns thanks to the Propolis shampoo :

shampoing propolis laboratoire géomer

This treatment is particularly effective in the fight against:

  • Dandruff
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Scabs on the scalp
  • It is also used on the body to remove excess toxins from the skin.

extrait de propolis pour le shampoing Géomer

The primary goal of Propolis shampoo of Laboratoire Géomer is to cleanse the skin thanks to the purifying power of Propolis. We also combine it with synergies of essential oils to adapt it to different types of skin and scalp. (See tailor-made adaptation>)

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