Essential oils

flacon d'huiles essentielles

They represent, after extraction, a very small percentage of the total value of the plants. On average 2 to 5%.

Although we find identical fundamental properties (detoxifying, draining, regenerating, vascularizing), each of them has a main property of its own.

The virtues of the essential oils used by Géomer

The benefits of essential oils are multiple and their applications are very varied. Let's look at the main properties for which Géomer retains this or that essential oil.

  • Cinnamon : Bactericidal, activates the circulatory system, stimulates the immune system

  • Lemon : Purifying, healing, care for skin with imperfections, antipruritic (fight against itching)

  • Cypress : Vasoconstrictor (venous and lymphatic decongestant) decreases the flow of blood, antiperspirant

  • Tarragon : Antiparasitic, used in combination with calming essential oils

  • Cloves : Sanitizer, calming, antioxidant

  • Eucalyptus : Healing, purifying, refreshing, anti-infective

  • Thyme : Anti-infectious, circulatory drainer, purifying virtues, care for skin with imperfections

  • Juniper : Anti-inflammatory (eczema)

  • Lavender : Anti-inflammatory, healing, fight against redness (acne)

  • Mint : Hypothermic (decreases the temperature locally), neuromotor exciting

  • Rosemary : Lipo-solvent, drainer, contributes to the synthesis of collagen (good tissue cohesion)

  • Officinal sage : Astringent, antiseptic, nervous tonic, antiperspirant, hormonal regulator

  • Ylang ylang : Vasodilator, decongestant

  • Scots pine : Purifying, cell regenerator

  • Geranium : Calming, soothing, hemostatic properties (stops the flow of blood)

  • Basil : Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic (fight against muscle spasms at the digestive and genitourinary level), soothes the nervous system

  • Camphor : Stimulating and energizing, powerful analgesic

  • Petit Grain Bigarade : Calming, antidepressant, antispasmodic, skin regeneration, balancing, regulates the nervous system, calms itching

distillation des huiles essentielles

At Géomer, we also offer essential oil blends to add to your products or to apply directly to the body for enhanced efficiency.

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