A healthy scalp

Essential for having pretty hair

  • The first thing to check if we want to have beautiful hair is the condition of our scalp.
  • Healthy hair can only grow on a healthy scalp.
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we used to say that our skin is the external image of our internal health.
  • We all strive for beautiful hair. To do this, we must realize that our hair has roots. And that these roots are implanted in our skin which is also called: the scalp.
  • If we want to have strong and vigorous hair, it makes perfect sense to first worry about the condition of our scalp.
  • The big commercial brands, with big blows of flashy advertisements, praise their products for beautifying the "appearance" of the hair. In reality, they only make up or better camouflage the problems related to the hair and the scalp.
  • For Laboratoire Géomer , it is the opposite.
  • We favor products that work inside our body. This will help him to rebalance his internal energies. This results in a rebalanced, healthy scalp. Therefore, healthy and vigorous hair.

un cuir chevelu sain pour avoir une chevelure abondante

The solutions provided by Laboratoire Géomer to naturally treat the scalp

  • To properly care for the scalp, Laboratoire Géomer is based on ancestral knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine: observation + location + season + age.
  • We look outside (the scalp) to determine what is wrong with the inside (organs in imbalance).
    • First, we determine the type of imbalance present on the scalp (crusts, spots, sebum or others ...)
    • In the second place, one takes into account in which very precise places the imbalances are visible. This makes it possible to know which internal organs are connected to these imbalances in question thanks to the knowledge of the meridian zones. Each meridian is linked to a specific organ.
    • Third, the age of the person is taken into account. Indeed, the body acts differently according to the age which corresponds to one of the 5 elements.
  1. During the period between 0 and 15 years, the Liver and Gallbladder will be very active. Element number 1 - Wood - Spring - Color: Green
  2. Between 15 and 30 years old, the heart and the small intestine will have a strong energy capacity. Element number 2 - Fire - Summer - Color: red.
  3. Between 30 and 45 years old, it will be the turn of the trio: Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas. Generating during too great reflections the outputs of dandruff, eczema or psoriasis. Element number 3 - Earth - End of summer - Color: Yellow.
  4. Then between 45 and 60 years old, the lungs and large intestine will need more activity. Element number 4 - Metal - fall - Color: White.
  5. To end between 60 years and the end of life. 75 years or more you need to bring energy, action and activity. Element number 5 - Water - Winter - Color: Gray.

la loi des 5 éléments

  • And to finish. It is obviously necessary to take into account the active season at the time of the observation. The seasons change and the needs of our scalp vary with the seasons just like everything that is alive on our planet.
  • This detailed consultation is done online via the hair diagnostic form. It allows hair specialists at Laboratoire Géomer to determine the choice of medicinal plant extracts that will be used in the products. This is the naturopathic part of the Géomer laboratory.
  • With this ancestral knowledge in terms of energy (the law of 5 elements) and naturopathy, Laboratoire Géomer offers hair care protocols adapted to the needs of each.
  • Real tailor-made for your scalp.

application d'amplitude Géomer sur le cuir cheveluapplication de terral rouge sur le cuir cheveluapplication de terral blanc sur le cuir chevelu

Our different scalp treatments:

1 - Care Energetic Complete scalp:

The Energetic Care is an application of 4 different Terrals on the scalp meridians for a complete energy rebalancing. Each meridian acts on the organs which are connected to it. Results: healthier hair. This treatment is recommended at each change of season.

2 - Care specific to seasonal imbalances of the scalp:

Itchy scalp can have several origins.

Their treatment is therefore directly linked to the exact origin of what is causing this itchy scalp.

  • 3 - Dander and rashes on the scalp:

Several rashes can appear on the scalp. It can be simple dandruff that happens with the change of seasons. Or more important dandruff. But our scalp is often subject to other skin concerns. We have created specific treatments for each problem:

To find out which products and treatments you need, all you have to do is fill out our hair questionnaire:

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