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What are the solutions to treat alopecia areata?

Basic care:

Daily application:

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What is alopecia areata?

  • Alopecia areata is a loss of hair (hair and / or body hair) on the body and on the scalp in the form of patches.
  • It often presents as one or more patches (often round or oval) where all the hairs or hairs have completely disappeared.
  • These areas of smooth skin are generally located on the scalp, face, beard, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. In these areas, the skin is smooth and white.
  • There is a real lack of blood in the skin tissue.
  • The hair and bristles come off easily if you pull on it a little.
  • It should be noted that these plaques are visible in all areas of the body that are used to affirm our identity.
  • In no case is this type of hair loss due to any allergy.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine locates the source of the imbalance in the kidneys, conscious and unconscious fears (the fifth element).

The two phases of professional care to fight alopecia areata as in a hair center

Alopecia areata is a condition in which two of the human body's 5 energy elements are seriously out of balance. It is therefore important to rebalance the scalp with energy.

Phase 1: Energy treatment for the scalp

Strongly advised

This energetic scalp treatment is a real torrent of energy that will help restore 4 of the 5 meridians that pass over our scalp.

If, during the application, one of the 4 meridians (corresponding to the 4 Terrals on the scalp) is unpleasant to bear, you can remove it. This means that there is a problem with the organs corresponding to this meridian. In this type of situation, we advise you to see your doctor to ask him to carefully check the organ (s) in question. Indeed, if such a reaction is felt, it is very likely that it is related to an underlying problem or disease.

To recognize the related organs, look at the element corresponding to each Terral.

soin énergétique cuir chevelu dossoin énergétique cuir chevelu face

Application of the 4 Terrals masks: Each Terral has its own specificity.

We recommend that you do this energetic treatment once or twice a month for 6 months.

  1. On each area without hair, start by applying a few drops ofAmplitude n ° 1 and a few drops ofAmplitude n ° 5. They cleanse the skin of excess sebum and amplify the effects of future products.
  2. Massage to penetrate.
  3. Then, on your non-wet scalp, apply with a brush 2 to 3 centimeter wide strips of Terral to a thickness of 1 millimeter.
  4. The Terral White :
  5. Start with the middle band that starts from the forehead and goes to the back of the neck. Stop at the first fixed vertebra in the spine.
  6. The Terral Gray :
  7. Apply two strips of Terral Gray to the left and right of the white strip. Each strip of Terral Gris should be centered in relation to the middle of the eye, starting from the forehead and descending parallel to the white strip towards the bottom of the neck.
  8. Apply the Terral Gris well on these two meridians which are the kidney meridians: place where men start to lose hair at the temples (hormonal or hereditary fall linked to the kidney and bladder meridian, 5th element = sex)
  9. The Terral Red :
  10. The application of Terral Rouge will act on the meridians of the heart. It is the area that surrounds the two contours of the ears over a width of three centimeters wide starting from the temple and down to the neck. Put a thickness of 1 to 2 millimeters of red terral.
  11. The Terral Green:
  12. Finish with an application of Terral Vert on the meridian of the liver, filling the entire area between the band of Terral Red and the band of Terral Gray.
  13. Leave on for 30 minutes.
  14. It is very common to experience differences in heat between different bands of Terrals. It is even common to feel a tingling on one of the Terrals in the case of weak organs. This is a sign that the balance is being restored.
  15. After the 30-minute dwell time, rinse the hair well with lukewarm water to completely remove the clays.
  16. Then, apply 2 pressures of tailor-made Geomer shampoo. In general, we will use the Energizing Shampoo tailored to measure.
  17. 5 to 7 minute break time.
  18. Then, emulsify like a traditional shampoo and rinse.
  19. After completely wiping the hair,
  20. Spray Regenorsil (cell regenerator) on the entire scalp.
  21. Massage to make it penetrate, insisting on the patches without hair.
  22. Finish with an application of Phytogel Bio H on the entire scalp to stabilize hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

amplitude 1 géomer amplitude 5 géomer shampoing énergisant géomer régénorsil phytogel bio h géomer

terral blanc géomer terral gris géomer terral rouge géomer terral vert géomer

There are no contraindications to doing this type of treatment.

On the contrary, an internal well-being is felt after the shampoo when you come to remove the Terrals.

Phase 2: Daily and weekly care to fight alopecia areata

To do every day:

  1. Spraying Regenorsil over the entire scalp, focusing on areas without hair.
  2. Application of Phytogel Bio H (one teaspoon) over the entire scalp.
  3. When hair begins to grow back on the patchy areas, alternate one day of theOligo F3 which nourishes and activates hair growth with the Phytogel Bio H the next day.
  4. Do not rinse.

régénorsil phytogel bio h géomer oligo f3 géomer

This daily treatment should be continued for 6 months. The appearance of the first hairs on the patches can be done between the second and the third month.

To do every week, if you do not do the complete energy treatment :

  1. Softening scalp massage.
  2. ApplyAmplitude n ° 5 over the entire scalp, focusing on areas without hair. It invigorates and amplifies the effects of future products.
  3. On areas of patches without hair, applyAmplitude n ° 1 to cleanse the skin of excess sebum.
  4. Apply the Terral Gray on the entire scalp with the help of a brush or a applicator bottle, to a thickness of 1 millimeter.
  5. Leave on for 30 minutes.
  6. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  7. Apply two pressures of Energizing Shampoo tailored to measure.
  8. Do not wet and let sit for 5 minutes.
  9. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a terry towel.
  10. Apply Regenorsil (cell regenerator) all over the scalp and massage to penetrate.
  11. Emphasize areas without hair.
  12. Then finish with an application of Phytogel Bio H all over the scalp to stabilize hair loss and stimulate hair growth (the equivalent of a teaspoon).

amplitude 5 géomer amplitude 1 géomer terral gris géomer shampoing énergisant géomer régénorsil phytogel bio h géomer

Important to know

  • It is impossible to completely stop hair loss because we lose an average of 100-150 hairs per day. (Normal life cycle of the hair).
  • It is therefore more appropriate to say that we stabilize hair loss than to say that we stop hair loss.
  • If you lose more than 150 hairs per day ("abnormal" hair loss), then Géomer products will be able to stabilize your hair loss so that you only lose 100-150 hairs per day. These will grow back within 90 days of this stabilization of the fall. See our HAIR REGROWTH PROGRAM >>

The results

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Our advices

  • Use a natural comb or a natural boar bristle or wood brush to protect the keratin in the hair.
  • Massage your scalp with the palms of your hands to activate blood circulation. Be careful, rubbing the scalp with your fingers promotes the appearance of sebum. In addition, it allows a moment of relaxation, while stress decreases the micro-circulation of the blood, accentuating hair loss.


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