Les Huiles Amplitudes

Les Huiles Amplitudes

Amplitude Oil N ° 5
Synergy of invigorating essential oils
Amplitude n ° 5 specific to the WATER element, winter.

Warming, invigorating
Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle
Amplifies the effects of Geomer adaptable products

(4,3/5) on 4 rating(s)
Amplitude Oil N ° 4
Synergy of soothing essential oils
Amplitude # 4 is specific for reactions or itching of the skin and / or scalp.

This calm synergy 95% cases of itchy skin
Calming and soothing
Calms and de-stresses tense areas by application and massage

(4,3/5) on 21 rating(s)
Amplitude Oil N ° 2
Synergy of refreshing essential oils
Amplitude n ° 2 is specific to the FIRE element, summer.

Stabilizes too red, too vascularized skin
Decreases skin temperature, hypothermic
Regulates perspiration thanks to its powerful cooling effect
Limits excess blood under the skin

(4/5) on 5 rating(s)
Amplitude Oil N ° 3
Synergy of purifying essential oils
Amplitude n ° 3 is specific to the EARTH element, to the change of season, at the end of summer.

Purifies and cleanses the skin
Eliminates pimples, pruritus, toxins, dandruff, scabs ...
Specific for skin and scalps having difficulty eliminating their toxins

(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
Amplitude Oil N ° 1
Synergy of essential oils for oily skin
Amplitude n ° 1 is specific to the WOOD element, in spring.

Stabilizes excess fat and sebum on the skin and scalp
Reduces and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous and seborrheic glands
Exclusive and innovative principle of Laboratoire Géomer : It allows certain products to be adapted to oily skin and scalps

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