Each season influences our body and our health differently

During each energy season, our body is subjected to variations of energies which influence our organs, our health and consequently our skin and our hair.

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Because the seasons change, Géomer products adapt.

Seasonal effects:

How many times have we heard this before?

  • This shampoo was fine for me. It doesn't suit me anymore.
  • This cream left me with beautiful, soft skin. Today my skin feels tight and is not so well hydrated.

No, it's not addiction and the products haven't changed. In reality, it is the needs of our skin and hair that have changed because they vary with the seasons.

They therefore need assets that compensate for seasonal effects.

  • It is common to see the scalps and skin get more oil than usual in the spring.
  • Summer is the season when you sweat a lot. Skin and hair oxidize under the influence of UV rays.
  • At the end of summer, our body detoxifies itself. Dandruff and pimples then appear. As with each change of season.
  • In autumn, our body is demineralized with the repercussions of drying out skin. We see the same thing with the hair. They dry out faster, become thinner and eventually fall off.
  • Winter is the time when the skin is white, cold. She lacks energy. Wrinkles settle more easily. The hair is very electric and also falls out.

Discover the influences:

of spring


off-season: end of summer

of autumn

of winter

Interseason: Winter-Spring

Géomer products have been designed to respond to these influences.

  • Herbal products have been proven to work for centuries. Certain active ingredients from the Laboratoire Géomer have become classics in cosmetic applications. Laboratoire Géomer has incorporated new ingredients to produce results that could not be found in the past.
  • Organic Silicon, Sabbal Serrulata, Red Clay, or marine extracts, today enrich the nobility of Géomer's formulas to achieve better treatment precision after diagnosis.
  • Essential oils make it possible to adapt tailor-made products to meet the specific needs of each individual.