Atopic Eczema or Contact Eczema?


  • Eczema, also called Dermatitis, is the most common skin disease. Nearly 3 million French people suffer from it.
  • It is a skin condition overcome by red areas. Dry patches and irritations appear here.
  • Eczema appears in hypersensitive people.
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this skin imbalance is linked to an imbalance of the'EARTH element : Spleen - Stomach - Pancreas.

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  • To help the skin stabilize and regenerate very quickly, we strongly recommend that you applyOligo F4 after using the Dermo Purifying Peeling Gel.

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There are two major forms of eczema: atopic and contact.

But, what is the difference between these skin imbalances which appear to be identical?

dessin de l'eczéma

Symptoms of Eczema in general

Both forms of eczema have the same red, dry patches associated with itching and irritation. However, they have different origins. They are present in both adults and children. Eczema is not covered with thick scabs like the psoriasis and others keratosis.

Atopic Eczema, also called Dermatitis:

  • It is a skin inflammation caused by dryness of the skin and the appearance of redness.
  • The skin is called atopic when it no longer has protection against external aggressions. It is then exposed and becomes sensitive to all external attacks and will present skin reactions.
  • This situation is due to many internal factors. Such as a deficiency in subcutaneous microcirculation or a deficiency in the activation of the protective sebum of the skin.
  • We also notice, in people with eczema, an accumulation of toxins under the skin more important than normal. So it is very important for these people to drink water properly as we explain in this article>.
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, people suffering from atopic eczema have a predominance of lesions, intense pruritus, concerns about the elimination of drugs or food (trailing lesions, especially in the lower body) and infections including redness and irritation.
  • TheEarth element is very affected and this creates imbalances on the other elements. The vital balance of our organism is compromised.

image d'un doigt avec de l'eczéma (1) après 3 jours de traitement(2)after 12 days

These photos of fingers withAtopic eczema show the effectiveness of Géomer products. We can see the front fingers with very visible traces of Eczema (Photo eczema 1). Then (Photo 2), a marked improvement in the skin after 3 days of using the Dermo Purifying Peeling Gel followed by applications ofOligo F4 to help the skin stabilize and regenerate.

Contact Eczema:

  • Contact eczema is an allergic reaction to one or more allergenic factors that come into contact with the skin.
  • It will be localized where the skin is affected by these allergens.
  • The most effective solution is, of course, to avoid these allergenic factors.
  • However, it does not turn out to be that simple.
  • In order to cleanse the skin, we recommend in prevention, to use a little Dermo Purifying Peeling Gel monitoring the application ofOligo F4 to contribute to good regeneration of the skin and thus prevent risks.

illustration d'eczéma de contact

Classic cortisone-based treatments

  • Such a so-called "classic" skin disease is treated with products containing cortisone.
  • It is a substance that our body creates (like the stress hormone). When it is produced by the body, it is called Cortisol.
  • Synthetic cortisone, found in dermatological products, forces skin cells to create the production of anti-inflammatory proteins.
  • However, this treatment reveals some drawbacks when it is stopped. Indeed, it creates a renal deficiency which can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches, fever, mental confusion, massive dehydration etc ... This happens especially with cortisone taken orally.
  • You should therefore use cortisone with caution. Which is normally recommended by all dermatologists. Whether it is a cream or a lotion, it is necessary to apply little but especially not too long. It's always better. Excess hurts everything.

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Natural solutions developed by Géomer to cleanse the skin

  • Thanks to the lessons learned from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Laboratoire Géomer has developed specific products and treatments to relieve eczema.
  • These have been proven since 1988 in specialized centers using our products by providing unparalleled skin comfort. How? 'Or' What ? Because we help the body to solve its worries at their origins.


  1. On affected areas of skin, apply Dermo Purifying Peeling Gel and massage to make it penetrate. Repeat a second time if necessary.
  2. Leave on for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Although it is not necessary to remove the excess product, you can rinse the skin with lukewarm water if you wish.
  4. The skin begins to calm down and become healthier.
  5. Then apply a littleOligo F4 and make it penetrate. It allows the skin to stabilize and regenerate itself.
  6. Do not rinse it.
  7. To be repeated once or twice a day, as needed.
  8. In order to reinforce the action of these products, it is recommended to make a one month cure of Organic Silicon (very effective food supplement to cleanse the skin on the basis of scientific articles)

gel peeling dermo purifiant Oligo F4 garantie de 90 jours

Causes of the Presence of Eczema

quelle est la question ?

  • The eruptions or eczema flare-ups may be due to contact with certain substances or allergenic products. We then speak of Contact Eczema. => Avoid responsible substances as much as possible and cleanse your skin with regular applications of Dermo Purifying Peeling Gel followed by applications ofOligo F4 to help the skin to regenerate. You will be relieved from your eczema worries.
  • As for theAtopic eczema, the causes are difficult to identify very precisely. According to scientific research, there would be a strong influence of the genetic component. Without specifying that this is purely genetic!
  • 30% of the population suffers and 70% parents with a child with eczema also have it. But, this does not prove a direct cause related to heredity.
  • It is important to know that scientific studies affirm that eczema is most often favored by allergies (Contact eczema) as well as by emotional factors such as stress or emotional hypersensitivity but also by skin infections and impairments. immune.

Emotional origins are very often the real source of Eczema

les émotions

  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, unlike conventional medicine, we always seek to know the causes of different diseases or imbalances in the human body.
  • We also take into account that "our skin is the outward image of our inner health". We must therefore understand the emotional in this type of situation.
  • People who suffer from eczema see their skin as "prison". It's suffocating, irritant, that lack of flexibility and of freedom. If you have eczema, consider taking an interest in these emotional explanations as well. Because our skin is our image : Literally as well as figuratively !
  • Why is my body reacting like this to my skin?
  • The presence of eczema may be due to certain emotions that prevent you from detach from the past, of focus on the present, of accept yourself as you are, ofidentify their real needs and D'act solely on them.
  • The toddlers often develop eczema during a separation of parents or during a conflict in the couple. It is theirs difficult to adapt, of acclimatize to their new living conditions. They feel like "imprisoned" of a situation for which they are not responsible. It is irritating to keep moving. Their skin indicates what their internal emotions are feeling and developing eczema.
  • Eczema in adults also reflects internal emotions. It's like a physical barrier between yourself and others in order to protect yourself and avoid feeling threatened or hurt. And, this eczema can lead to isolation, withdrawal into oneself (like the skin) => frustration, irritation and grief.
Our advice to manage your emotional:
  • We advise everyone toidentify their real needs and not those of others.
  • Then act depending on these.
  • Learn to live the present moment fully and accept it as it is knowing that every gesture I take today shapes my tomorrow.
  • Iadvanced in life with confidence, without worrying about the opinions of others.

yin et yang

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