The Interseason between Winter and Spring:

Elimination of toxins

It is the season of dandruff, scabs, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other flaking ...

  • Over the past few days (half of January), many people have noticed that they have more dandruff than normal.
  • The same is true for people suffering from psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis or scabs on the scalp.
  • They see their skin concerns intensify at this time of year.

apparition des pellicules

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains why!

  • It is a period of energy transition between the winter which ends and the spring which will point the tip of its nose.
  • This off-season which begins around January 20 (see the exact dates according to the years) is commonly referred to as "Le grand froid". Indeed, we are in the coldest time of the year!
  • However, it announces the arrival or the energetic spring which begins at the beginning of February.
  • Two seasonal influences blend together: A winter that shows itself in its coldest form and a spring energy that will help nature wake up from the beginning of February.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes energy variations according to the seasons and especially between each season. These variations influence both the nature around us and our body. Indeed, the passage from one season to another is explained by energy variations which were concentrated during the winter at the level of the Kidneys and the Bladder and which will move in the spring towards the Liver as well as the Gall Bladder.

This change of energy from winter to spring goes through a detoxification

  • At each change of season (Interseason), a energy from Earth will make our Spleen - Pancreas - Stomach system more energetic than usual.
  • These 3 organs are located at the "center" of Man at the level of the solar plexus. And it is not a hazard !
  • Much like a switch, this trio has the role of directing energy from the center to the organs related to the coming season.
  • In this Winter / Spring Offseason, they will prepare the Liver as well as the Gall Bladder to be very active from the beginning of spring next February.

intersaison rate estomac pancréas

For this energy change to take place effectively, our body needs to eliminate as much as possible of the toxins accumulated during the winter. This will take 18 days.
Spleen - Stomach - Pancreas will therefore activate more than normal in order to carry out this cellular cleansing of all the tissues of our body.

Offseason influences on our skin and scalp

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  • Any movement or modification in our body during the variations of the seasons should not have any consequences on our skin, our scalp and our life. Finally, if we live in balance with the nature that surrounds us ... Which, in this modern world, is far from being the case for a large majority of us.
  • Normally, during this time, all toxins should be flushed out through natural channels when we use the toilet.
  • But, this detoxification of a few days can have different consequences according to 3 types of people whose reactions can be very different.

If during the offseason, nothing special happens

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A healthy person living in balance will normally evacuate toxins through natural channels. Nothing will be visible on his skin and scalp.

What to do ?

Nothing special to do, everything is fine.

If during the off-season there is an unusual presence of dandruff, pimples, rashes on the skin

What to do ?

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This sudden outbreak of toxins in the skin manifests itself in different ways:

  • With small buttons.
  • Dandruff appears on the scalp, hair and shoulders.
  • Scabs on the scalp or on the skull.
  • Scabs can even be found in the hair.
  • Normal or seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Traces of psoriasis or eczema.

If we do nothing, the problem will increase in the coming season. And, it can cause hair loss.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, as soon as a slight disharmonious imbalance appears, it is important to treat it right away. Preventive therapy prevents this sudden appearance of toxins on the skin from turning into pathology the next season.

The recommended care product:

It is therefore sufficient, during this winter / spring offseason, as soon as toxins appear on the skin to use:

The Propolis shampoo tailor-made for:

  • Transient dandruff
  • Pimples on the skin or scalp
  • Slight scabs on the scalp
  • Slight traces of eczema or psoriasis both on the scalp and on the skin
  • The appearance of slight traces of dermatitis on the scalp or on the skin

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If during the off-season, there is a clear amplification of the presence of dandruff, pimples, rashes on the skin, psoriasis, eczema

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What to do ?

People with year-round dandruff, pimples, pruritus, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema or even scabs on both the skin and the scalp all have in common: an excess of toxins. These come out through the skin, instead of coming out naturally. And this for long periods. See even all year round.

During this off-season, the body has to eliminate more toxins than usual. This increases the skin imbalance present in these people.

Result: their skin concerns intensify strongly as with each change of season.

It is recommended, for these people, to be very attentive to the following:

Find all our professional treatments:

Skin care

Scalp care

Anti-hair loss treatments

Hair care

  • It is very important to be vigilant for this type of people during this off-season.
  • This is the best time to help your body and skin properly remove toxins from the tissues. The specific products designed by Laboratoire Géomer will be the skin's best allies: Propolis shampoo, the Peeling gel, theAmplitude n ° 3, the Terral Yellow.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine is, above all, a medicine of preventive observation. It tells each of us how to strengthen our state of health. All this by strengthening this or that energy with the passing of the seasons. The ultimate goal is not to let these slight disturbances become real health problems.
  • Thanks to this approach of observing seasonal rhythms, Traditional Chinese Medicine allows us to be in balance, in physical and psychic adequacy with our terrestrial environment.

Intersaison femme en équilibre

" Thirty spokes converge at the hub of the wheel. But it is the vacuum of the central axis that makes the tank move forward. »Tao tö King (1967) by Lao-Tseu

The off-season is comparable to the central axis of the wheel. It is this that makes our body "function" throughout the year.

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