Amplitude 3 30ml
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Amplitude Oil N ° 3

Synergy of purifying essential oils

Amplitude n ° 3 is specific to the EARTH element, to the change of season, at the end of summer.

  • Purifies and cleanses the skin
  • Eliminates pimples, pruritus, toxins, dandruff, scabs ...
  • Specific for skin and scalps having difficulty eliminating their toxins

ingrédients naturels garantis sans perturbateurs endocriniens garantie Géomer

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75.00€ Jar 100 ml


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Amplitude N ° 3

Synergy of purifying essential oils

  • With the change of seasons but also at certain times, the skin finds itself loaded with toxins that it has difficulty in eliminating. These toxins will then exit directly via the skin in the form of scabs, dandruff. It is these toxins that Amplitude n ° 3 will help cleanse.

Product benefits

  • Purifies the skin of its toxins, its pimples.
  • Eliminate dandruff directly at its sources of production.
  • Use pure on the skin.
  • Mixes with tailor-made adaptable products to make specific products for skin loaded with toxins, pruritus, dandruff ...

The law of 5 elements

loi 5 éléments

Element Earth - 3 - End of summer, Changes of Seasons: Spleen, Stomach and pancreas.

  • Amplitude n ° 3 is perfectly associated withElement # 3, Earth, the offseason, theelimination of toxins.
  • Chinese ancestral medicine states that changes in energy seasons the pancreas (mainly), the spleen and the stomach are very active in helping the body to eliminate its toxins by the natural ways via the lymph. The Pancreas will play the role of a switch to redirect energy to the organ (s) of the next element.
  • This activity causes the appearance, on the skin, of toxins, dandruff.
  • The Laboratoire Géomer has created this synergy of essential oils known for their virtues to treat the stomach, spleen and pancreas.
  • Result: When applied to the skin, this synergy of essential oils perfectly purifies the skin.

Its main components

  1. Natural fatty acids and solubilizers
  2. Essential Oils of Sage, Juniper Berries, Eucalyptus, Cloves, Lavender, Thyme, Lemon
  3. Its concentration in Essential Oils is 20% = Ideal and maximum concentration tolerable by the skin of the human body

ingrédients naturels


  • To be applied pure on the skin on the areas in imbalance, affected, to be treated. The quantity of drops depends on the surface to be treated.
  • In application on the face: 5 to 7 drops.
  • Applying to the scalp: Apply the equivalent of 13 to 18 drops to the entire scalp.

  • To be added directly to your custom-made adaptable Geomer product.


  • Bottle with pipette: 30 ml = 500 drops
  • Bottle with pipette: 100 ml = 1600 drops - Economic format

INCI formula

amyl xylosides-capryl / caprilyl glucoside, caprylic capric triglyceride, thymu satureioides oil, lavendula officinalis oil, citrus limonum oil, clove (eugenia carpophyllus) oil, eucalyptus globulus oil, juniperus communis oil, salvia officinel-10 esterglery polyglery kernel oil , d-limonene, eugenol, linallol, citral, geraniol, benzylbenzoate, citronellol, isoeugenol.

Guaranteed paraben free, PEG free and not tested on animals.

sans OGMgarantiesans perturbateurs endocriniens

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By (MATHAY, France Métropolitaine) on  30 Dec 2018 (Amplitude Oil N ° 3) :


L'amplitude est agréable à l'application et il a contribué à la quasi disparitions des pellicules en association avec le terral jaune et le shampoing propolis

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By (Port Vendres, France Métropolitaine) on  21 Nov 2017 (Amplitude Oil N ° 3) :

Une huile étonnante

Bonjour ,Amplitude N°3 est vraiment un produit très étonnant de par son mode d'administration : une pipette en verre ,mais le "grand plus" c'est cette sensation de bien être qui vient au bout de quelques minutes suivant le massage du cuir chevelu ...surtout lorsque l'on à des zones à tendances sensibles ,l'accalmie vient...

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