Cleanse the skin by drinking water

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How to effectively cleanse your skin from the inside? Discover the benefits of lightly mineralized spring water to regenerate your skin and fight dandruff!

boire de l'eau pour nettoyer son corps

The benefits of spring water on our health

Drink water properly to thoroughly cleanse your body!

  • Many people have a grayish skin tone. We must not forget that our skin is the outward image of our inner health.
  • To have a pretty skin we can make up to hide the imperfections
  • Or, we can take care of our inner health so that our skin is beautiful naturally and without frills.

First of all, we must pay attention to what we eat and especially what we drink!

Drink water YES!

But not just any !

  • If you want to cleanse your body and therefore cleanse your skin thoroughly, you should drink spring water but water with low mineral content.
  • By comparison, if you want to clean the floor that is dirty, you will prioritize using clean, clear water and not dirty water. It is obvious !
  • Well, to clean the tissues of our body, we must do the same: Drink clean water and low mineralized spring water.
  • So no tap water, no commercial water of the crystalline type, Vittel, Contrex and others ...
  • One I advise you and the poorest in minerals is, for those who live in France, Mont Roucous water and for those who live in Belgium spa water . These two types of water present very very low dry residue (to be read on the label) in comparison with other waters on the market.
  • If you prefer to drink coffee or tea, prepare them with this water and especially not that of the tap. Heating water to make coffee removes chlorine residue but not mineral residue. On the contrary, evaporation increases their concentration.
  • Let us not forget, that here, the goal is to clean the organism.

eau du mont roucous eau spa reine

Water from Mont Roucous:

eau du mont roucous étiquette

The rate of dry residues in other waters:

taux de résidus secs dans les eaux

And, not just any old way!

Now, this water needs to cleanse our body properly.

For that, there is a very precise way to drink it.

description du système digestif humain

The drunk water must have time to be assimilated.

  • It should be drunk like a tennis player's drink during interruptions to game changes: In small sips.
  • They drink in small sips because the water must have time to be assimilated by the small intestine.
  • If we drink water in large quantities and very quickly, it will not have time to be completely assimilated by the small intestine and will go directly into the bladder, forcing us to go to the toilet quickly.
  • In this case, the urine will have a very light color, full of water but with little waste !!!
  • If you prefer coffee or tea, make them with slightly mineralized water and especially not tap water (even with a Britta filter).

Let's take the right reflex of drink 1.5 liters of spring water throughout the day, in small sips. Let's remember to have a bottle close at hand and to drink it little by little.

This is the only way to properly clean our body from the inside and so that the minerals present in the water are properly assimilated to properly mineralize our skin and our hair.


We will be able to see:

  1. A disappearance of dandruff.
  2. More beautiful skin that breathes health.
  3. Less wrinkles.
  4. The disappearance of bags under the eyes which are a sign of weak kidneys when they are poorly treated with what you drink.

When I receive the many responses to hair and aesthetic diagnoses, the majority of people with stubborn dandruff (as in the image below) and present all year round, are all people who drink little water. They drink coffee made with tap water, sodas. In fact, a lot of liquid products made with inexpensive, low-quality, highly mineralized water.

pellicules amas collant pellicules qui collent

I hope you find these little tips useful and make you want to enjoy water in a different way. For your skin and for your hair, this is essential.

Do you want to make your skin or hair diagnosis? Do not hesitate, it's free !

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Alain Ledroit,
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

Alain Ledroit

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