How to use Géomer Essential Oil Synergies

Essential oils provide the nutrients necessary for the health of our skin and hair.

The synergies of Géomer essential oils, called Amplitudes, aim to obtain targeted actions to treat skin and hair imbalances but also to counter the influence of the seasons ...

les amplitudes

Géomer Essential Oils Synergies: How are they used?

We explain everything about our "Amplitudes"

The Geomer Amplitudes provide the nutrients that our body needs to function properly

  • Range Synergies of Essential Oils of Géomer is composed of 5 different Amplitudes. But what is it ? These are different mixtures of essential oils with the aim of obtaining a targeted action.
  • The composition of each of the 5 Amplitudes is designed for very specific actions.
  • Essential oils concentrate the active ingredients present in plants and each of them has unique properties.
  • Their properties thus combined make it possible to correct many problems that our organism can encounter.

Géomer draws all the power of nature to serve our body!

Thanks to the law of 5 elements we know how to compensate influences that seasons will have on our skin and our hair by providing them, over the seasons, the necessary active ingredients allowing them to regain their vital balance.

image loi des 5 elements-1

  • Each element corresponds to the vital organs of our body. Therefore, these 5 seasonal energies will generate 5 major categories of imbalances visible on our skin. We explain to you, below, how each Amplitude is related to a seasonal energy.
  • As an energetic naturopathic laboratory, Géomer seeks to cure these imbalances thanks to what nature offers us.
  • Our outer beauty is the image of our inner health. See Géomer's philosophy >>

These synergies of essential oils act on our health thanks to the meridians

  • Meridians are energy channels that allow our body to function. They connect all parts of the body and thus connect our organs to each other. Read thearticle about this >>
  • Each meridian can be actuated through what are called acupuncture points.
  • Each skin imbalance warns us of the dysfunction of an organ.
  • By applying the synergies of essential oils where the imbalances appear, we can directly treat the source of the imbalance and not only treat the problem on the surface.
  • In this, Géomer products are more than simple cosmetic creams and shampoos.
  • Thus, the active ingredients of the amplitudes will be able to influence our health and correct our skin and hair concerns, but also allow us to maintain beautiful skin and strong hair all year round!

How to use the Geomer Amplitudes?

Adding Amplitude to your Géomer products:

  • Amplitudes are a real innovation in the field of cosmetics because they allow the creation of care products tailored.
  • By combining them with Géomer creams and shampoos, we can then adapt your products to the current season as well as to the specific needs of your skin and hair.
  • You are then armed to face seasonal influences and effectively fight against skin conditions, the scalp conditions and the hair ailments.
I want my tailor-made products!

It could not be easier. Fill out our questionnaires online!

We recommend the products and treatments according to your skin and hair type and adapt them free of charge to your needs.


In skin application for a reinforced action:

  • Amplitude can also be applied directly to the skin and scalp, on meridian areas connected to affected organs.
  • The active ingredients of essential oils will then act more precisely and intensely on these organs via the blood vessels to relieve slight imbalances.
  • Amplitudes are available in a pipette bottle which allows precise dosing. Count 5 to 7 drops on the areas of the face to be treated and 13 to 18 drops on the entire scalp.
  • 30ml of essential oil synergy equals 500 tastes.
  • 100 ml of synergy of essential oils is equivalent to 1600 tastes.

The essential oils of Amplitudes Géomer and their actions

synergies d'huiles essentielles géomer

Each Amplitude is made up of fatty acids and natural solubilizers. The concentration of the product in essential oils is 20%. Either the ideal concentration to obtain results and tolerable for the skin of the human body.

AMPLITUDE N ° 1: Regulates oily skin and scalps without drying them out

amplitude 01- 30 ml reduit

It is associated with thespring energy et al'Wood element of the law of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Just like the nature that surrounds us, our body wakes up after the winter period to face the summer. The activity of the liver and the gall bladder, more active, in this season lead to the appearance of excess sebum.

The properties of the essential oils that compose it:

  1. Sage : anti-sweat, tonic, hormonal regulator
  2. Rosemary : lipo solvent, drainer, collagen synthesis
  3. Scots pine : purifying, cell regenerator
  4. Juniper berries : anti-inflammatory
  5. Cypress : vasoconstrictor, anti-sweat
  6. Mint Mitcham : hypothermic, excisting neuromotor

Discover our comprehensive care: Oily and shiny skin, Oily scalp - oily roots, Acne and comedones, Oily dandruff

AMPLITUDE N ° 2: Stabilizes and refreshes skin that is too vascularized, reddened, too hot

amplitude 02- 30 ml reduit

It is associated with thesummer energy et al'Fire element of the law of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine. In this season when everything is in motion, our body is functioning at its maximum. The heart and the small intestine, both associated with the blood, are very active.

The properties of the essential oils that compose it:

  1. Thyme : anti-infective, circulatory drainer
  2. Mitcham Mint : hypothermic, excisting neuromotor
  3. Lemon : healing, infection, antipruritic
  4. Sage : anti-sweat, tonic, hormonal regulator
  5. Cypress : vasoconstrictor (decongests), anti-sweat
  6. Basil : anti-spasmodic (fight against digestive and genitourinary muscle spasms)
  7. Juniper berries : anti-inflammatory
  8. Borneol : powerful antiseptic, refreshing

Discover our comprehensive care: Blotchy skin, Hot and sweaty scalp

AMPLITUDE N ° 3: Purifies and cleanses the skin

amplitude3 30 ml reduit

This Amplitude is associated with theoffseason energy (change of season) andEarth element of the law of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine. In this period of transition, our body seeks to purify itself of toxins (pimples, dandruff, etc.). The spleen and stomach are very active in helping the body to eliminate its toxins via the lymph and the pancreas redirects energy to the organs of the next element.

The properties of the essential oils that compose it:

  1. Sage : anti-sweat, tonic, hormonal regulator
  2. Juniper berries : anti-inflammatory
  3. Eucalyptus : healing, purifying, anti-infective
  4. Cloves : sanitizer, calming, antioxidant
  5. Lavender : anti-inflammatory, healing, redness
  6. Thyme : anti-infective, circulatory drainer
  7. Lemon : healing, infection, anti-pruruginous (itching)

Discover our comprehensive care:Transient dandruff, Permanent dandruff

In case of psoriasis, eczema of the scalp, scabs on the scalp request your personalized treatment.

AMPLITUDE N ° 4: Calms and soothes irritated, itchy skin and scalp

amplitude 4 30 ml reduit

Used during massages, it helps tense areas to relax! It has proven itself in particular for effectively counter the Bison Hump.

This Amplitude is associated with theautumn energy et al'Metal element of the law of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Energy slows down during this period and, like trees whose sap goes down to the roots, the lymph in our body decreases its activity. Blood is less present under the skin surface. Our skin is less nourished and lacks minerals. the lungs and the large intestine are activated to help our body to appropriate minerals.

The properties of the essential oils that compose it:

  1. Rosemary : lipo solvent, drainer, collagen synthesis (tissue cohesion)
  2. Lavender : anti-inflammatory, healing, redness
  3. Geranium : calming, soothing
  4. Petitgrain : calming, regulates the nervous system, reduces tension
  5. Lemon : healing, infection, anti-pruruginous (fight against itching)
  6. Ylang ylang : vasodilator, decongestant
  7. Tarragon : anti-parasitic

Discover our comprehensive care: Dry skin, Protect your hair during Coloring and during a Permed

AMPLITUDE N ° 5: Warms and tones the skin, Anti-wrinkle

amplitude 05 30 ml reduit

It is associated with thewinter energy et al'Water element of the law of the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Gray complexion and electric hair, in winter we lack energy and our skin and hair too. This focuses on our internal organs and especially on the bladder and kidneys to keep them warm.

The properties of the essential oils that compose it:

  1. Thyme : anti-infective, circulatory drainer
  2. Cinnamon : anti-bacterial, activates the circulatory system, stimulates the immune system
  3. Pepper mint : stimulates and invigorates
  4. Sage : anti-sweat, tonic, hormonal regulator
  5. Scots pine : purifying, cell regenerator
  6. Cypress : vasoconstrictor, blood stasis (decongests)

Discover our comprehensive care: Mature skin, Anti-wrinkle

You will find, in almost all of our treatments, products to be tailor-made thanks to the synergies of essential oils.

The tailor-made adaptation of your Geomer products is free

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