How to use Terrals Geomer clay masks?

Here's how to use Terrals Géomer clay masks!

  • Géomer Terrals are clay masks rich in algae, minerals and essential oils.
  • They are real face masks for the skin.
  • They are used to cleanse the skin, help it regenerate and limit the negative effects of time.

A real rejuvenating treatment for the skin of the face, body and scalp!

The components of Terrals

The Laboratoire Géomer has in its range of products clay masks called Terrals.

They are composed:

  • Green, red, yellow, white or gray marine silt clay.
  • Algae are added to it to amplify the mineralizing effect of the different clays,
  • Vegetable oils to bind and soften
  • And essential oils to treat specific needs.

The choice of the type of clay and essential oils will depend on the purpose of Terral Géomer.

The 5 different Terrals masks under the microscope

The Green Terral:

masque terral vert Géomer

The Terral Rouge:

terral rouge géomer

The Terral Jaune:

terral jaune géomer

The Terral Blanc:

Terral Blanc Géomer

  • Associated withMETAL element of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (white clay mask) is a mask with a strong mineralizing power for the skin.
  • It is in fact the most used because it is the skin, the scalp or hair, they all need minerals in order to make the proteins they need to function.
  • This draining mask is perfect for draining the scalp during comprehensive care to regrow hair for both men and women.
  • It is highly appreciated when the skin is dry or needs to be deeply restructured.

The Terral Gray:

terral gris géomer

  • Associated withWATER element of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (mask with marine silts) is very invigorating.
  • It is used on skin that tends to age too quickly.
  • Like the skin that wrinkles, which is white, dull.
  • It is also perfect for toning up the scalp very bald or very advanced baldness for women or for men.

How do the different Terrals work?

They were designed to have a dual operating principle:

The principle of rehydration

schéma de l'hydratation profonde de la peau

  • The mineral concentration contained in Terrals masks is greater than that of the internal environment (the interstitial fluid that is found between the skin cells). This has the effect of attracting liquids to the upper layers of the skin. Thanks to this principle the internal hydration of the skin as well as its surface hydration will be reinforced. Allowing skin tissue to function properly.
  • When we understand this process well, we understand why classic creams and body milks only hydrate the superficial layers of the skin.
  • While with the Terral Geomer hydration is real and deep.
  • Which corresponds to a real makeover.
  • This is the only way to get the perfect anti-aging treatment.

The principle of re-mineralization and regeneration

schéma de la pénétration des principes actifs dans la peau

  • Essential oils present in clay masks Geomer Terrals penetrate the skin very easily. They act directly via the blood circulatory system to regulate the internal imbalances which need to be treated.
  • But we must bear in mind that our skin only accepts to let pass the essential oils that our body needs.
  • The active principles of products such asOligo F3, the Phytogel Bio H, the Bio H Serum, the Serum Oligo 7, the Regenorsil, are also easily assimilated by skin tissues thanks to this penetration of essential oils.
  • This causes a perfect regeneration of the tissues on which they are applied.

In view of these two specific principles of Géomer Terrals

They therefore appear to be essential for preserving or recovering a skin, a scalp and hair healthy.

  • This principle of Terrals is unique and innovative in the world of cosmetics.
  • They are much more than cosmetics.
  • These are real care products! True allies for the health and beauty of your skin.

Here's how to apply them for the best results

pot de terral Géomer avec le pinceau d'application

On the skin of the face and body:

  • Apply a coat of Terral 1 to 2 millimeters thick on the areas to be treated (skin with makeup or makeup removed). The type of Terral depends on the needs of the skin.
  • Leave to pause then rinse with clean water.

terral sur le visage terral complet sur le visage terral sur la peau de l'épaule avec coup de soleil

Results according to the different pause times on the face:

  • 10 minutes of pause time to have a clearly visible internal hydration.
  • 20 minutes to have a deep re-pulping and regenerating effect. But be careful, as the skin of the face is very thin, you must avoid allowing the Terral mask to dry out during a longer pause time. In this case, it is recommended to recharge in Terral on the areas which become dry of the face.

=> After this long pause, we can see the skin which begins to regenerate in depth. She is completely plumped.

The signs of aging or the traces left by time will gradually diminish. And, this result will be visible for several days.


  • Normally, one to two applications per week is sufficient time to treat the imbalance. Then, one application per month is sufficient for the maintenance.
  • In cure. If you have large skin imbalances or if you are looking for more regeneration, you can use the Terral mask by intensive treatment:

Week 1: 1 time per day

Week 2: 1 day out of 2

Week 3: 2 times a week

Week 4: Once a week

Then, the maintenance is done as needed.

On the scalp:

  • Apply the Terral that matches your needs scalp on a layer one millimeter thick.
  • For convenience and in order not to put too much, use a 16 mm applicator brush or one applicator bottle and make stripes one centimeter wide spaced about two centimeters apart.
  • When all the lines are done, with your fingertips, spread these lines to distribute the Terral all over the scalp.

terral sur le cuir chevelu d'un homme terral sur le cuir chevelu d'un femme

Results according to the pause time on the scalp:

  • 30 to 60 minutes for regenerative care if hair loss has stopped or in cases of care to activate hair regrowth. Then rinse and wash with the suitable shampoo to your needs.

If you have to make a choice about the care products to use and if you want to push back the traces of time, just one piece of advice: Apply Terrals Géomer masks regularly!

Remember that your skin is the outward image of your inner health.

Take good care of your skin and your body will thank you for it!

Alain Ledroit

Alain Ledroit,
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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