In order not to age, you must eliminate your waste

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The elixir of youth exists, but not as you imagine ...

drainer la lymphe

The elixir of youth exists!

It's lymphatic drainage

  • The human body is made up of water at 75%.
  • Water is found everywhere in our cells, between our cells, in our blood vessels, in our lymphatic vessels ... We can go a long time without eating but it is impossible to survive more than a few days without drinking water. Water is the basis of everything in the human body.
  • This one has been studied extensively. The environment in which cells live is called "the internal environment", well known to all biologists. This internal environment must defend itself to protect the entire organism against invasions of microbes.
  • The famous Pierre and Marie Curie knew very well that microbes and bacteria are nothing, do not know how to do anything, do not know how to develop without water.

"The microbe is nothing, it is the ground in which it is found which is everything"

  • This little sentence is very important.
  • Indeed, the ground is the environment where our cells live.
  • A lot of it is water. This is called the lymphatic environment.
  • Human health is completely dependent on this lymphatic environment.

Human cells could live forever with a perfect renewal of lymphatic fluid.

système lymphatique humain

  • Indeed, we have cells that started the life of our organism in our mother's womb.
  • Which, they, came from the parents of our mother.
  • And so on since the appearance of the human species.

The health of humans and of all living beings in the animal world depends on lymphatic circulation.

  • This is because cells could live forever if the lymph renews itself properly.
  • Lymph stagnation is the cause of aging, cell degeneration, disease, and death.
  • Whoever could afford to have fresh lymph constantly in his body would have found the real "Elixir of Life".

How to drain the lymph?

  • Manual lymphatic drainage or with suction cups is a method whose goal is to move the lymph by releasing stasis and allowing to accelerate the flow of hormonal fluid.
  • The fact of draining the lymph, therefore allowing it to move, will promote better elimination of toxins, waste and better nourishment of cells.
  • Note that for this to be perfect, this lymphatic drainage must be associated with good oxygenation of the lungs, an appropriate diet and especially the fact of drinking water correctly (as I explain on this blog in another article on water >>). Because, properly draining this lymph to bring in stale or poor contributions will not be of much use.
  • It is very important to know that the biochemical functioning process of cells only works properly if the cells are bathed in the lymph.
  • The lymph is at the same time the nourishing liquid which arrives to the cells called "the interstitial lymph" and at the same time the liquid which is inside our billions of cells bathing in the cell nuclei and other cytoplasm. The latter alone represents a good half of the lymphatic fluid.
  • There is also vascular lymph from the cells which then passes through the tissues, continues into the organs and ends up being drained by the afferent lymphatic channels as well as the lymph nodes.

drainage lymphatique manuel visage

When the body begins to age

  • In the event of cold, illness, stress but also psychological concerns, the body begins to age.
  • The blood supply to the blood capillaries will slow down or even be blocked by blood and lymphatic stasis. The metabolism of the cells is then incomplete. It does not oxygenate well, is loaded with waste, no longer feeds properly and becomes acidic.
  • It's'acidosis which will result in pain, edema, inflammation and gradually follow the death of cells.

Wrinkles, hair loss, skin concerns ... = premature aging

  • This explanation, which may seem too scientific, is necessary to make it clear that all skin and scalp problems are due to premature aging first of the skin (or scalp) and then of the hair growing in the skin.
  • Ancestral Chinese medicine allows us to relate skin imbalances, the precise place where they appear with the organ (s) linked to the dysfunctions in progress.
  • This allows us to treat the skin and therefore the hair very precisely.

Terrals Géomer masks: real elixirs of youth!

  • We have developed, in our Laboratoire Géomer , essential products for having healthy skin and healthy hair that we have called TERRAL.
  • These are masks rich in algae, minerals, trace elements, essential oils and thermal water which perform a deep lymphatic drainage of the tissues on which they are applied.
  • In view of the above explanations, we understand the interest of a regular application to the skin of these Terral masks to come and really treat it in depth.

Discover our lymphatic draining masks, true masks of Youth for the face, scalp and body:

TERRAL : masques aux argiles du Laboratoire Géomer

It was therefore possible for us to:

  1. Rejuvenate and cleanse our skin.
  2. Eliminate skin imbalances.
  3. Promote hair regrowth. Watch the explanatory video

vidéo explicative Géomer sur le drainage lymphatique

Did you understand this process correctly?

  • It is not enough to apply cosmetics to the skin, drink vitamins, give injections to rejuvenate your skin and hair. Alone this will not work!
  • What helps maintain beautiful skin and beautiful hair is a set of practices:
  • Drink often and drink the correct water.
  • Eat properly.
  • Get oxygenated and oxygenate your body.
  • And most importantly, don't let your mind prevail.
  • Life is Beautiful ! Preserve it without complicating things for yourself.

For those who haven't watched it yet, here is the video where I detail how this lymphatic drainage works with Géomer Terrals.

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Alain Ledroit,
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
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