Meridians finally scientifically proven

Scientific research confirms the presence of meridians!
The meridians discovered more than 5000 years ago by traditional Chinese medicine are channels connected to each other and in which circulates the energy that sustains our body.

les méridiens

The meridians discovered by science !!!

Our body has thousands of "energy routes" called meridian channels.

Discovered more than 5000 years ago by traditional Chinese medicine, modern science has finally confirmed their existence ...

  • The height of this modern world which is finally discovering what we have known for thousands of years!
  • The existence of energy meridians.
  • It is this knowledge of these meridians that has enabled Traditional Chinese Medicine to be able to effectively heal the body by going to solve the origin of problems, of diseases, at its source. But better late than never.

les méridiens

What exactly is a meridian?

  • You might think that a meridian is like a pipe similar to blood vessels, or filaments like nerves, etc.
  • Not at all !
  • A meridian is a path taken by an invisible energy that cannot be quantified materially. Some of the meridians follow physical channels and others follow parallel paths. It is this same energy that makes energetic spring (from the middle of February) Plants like snowdrops and daffodils start to come out of the ground even if it is freezing or snowing. It is this same energy that pushes the sperm to pierce the walls of the egg to fertilize it and give life to a new human being.
  • The meridian is therefore a path which is traveled by the vital energy that some may call divine energy or universal energy.
  • These energy channels allow the body to function.
  • It is the basis of life!
  • These meridians connect all the parts of our body, connect all our organs between them and can be activated or reactivated via "buttons" called: the acupuncture points.
  • Knowing and understanding the meridians allows you to know where a visible problem comes from on the skin and thus have the solution to solve the problem at its source.
  • It is thanks to this energetic knowledge of the meridians that Laboratoire Géomer has created energetic cosmetic products. Their goal is to rebalance the defective meridians thanks to the energy drawn from the plants.

les méridiens du corps

Scientific research on meridians

  • During research work, Seoul National University was able to show that some meridians have channels in certain organs. They were also able to prove that the cardiovascular system is, among other things, composed of a system called primo-vascular which is the physical part of the meridians.
  • They also emerge from this research that this network of meridians carries the energy flow of bio-photons (electromagnetic waves of light) and DNA. Here, there, the DNA, the base, the identity card of our body.
  • They placed a dye in a liquid which they then injected into an acupuncture point. The result is that the meridian is colored showing fine lines in the image. And, when the same colored mixture is injected into other places listed as not being acupuncture points, no colored channel becomes visible. So there are canals leading to acupuncture points. It is called a meridian. (see photo below)

coloration d'un méridien

  • The researchers also discovered that these channels do not exist only on the skin but that there are everywhere in the body and that if we take the liquid present in these channels we can see a multitude of stem cells. All this was published in a publication of journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena >>

The meridians of the human body

  • In view of these latest discoveries in the matter, we can therefore confirm, in a scientific way, that the findings and observations made more than 5000 years ago and applied by healers in China, India, Japan and Tibet called the Traditional Chinese Medicine is indeed real.
  • The presence in these meridians and of stem cells proves that these places (meridians) circulate the energy of life. Each meridian is connected to organs. The entire network of meridians has "crossroads or roundabouts" called nodes in which stem cells are found. These stem cells correspond to the regeneration of the organs to which these nodes are connected via the meridians.
  • Prof. Vodyanoy (Russia) found that when a programmed cell death occurs (normal death), all chromosomes are packed into corpuscles of stem cells before being moved through the meridians. They will then be stored in the nodes in order to recreate there new cells ready to take their function according to what they were created for and the organ, the tissue, with which this node is connected.

The link between these channels and disease

  • Korean researchers have also found that the concentration of primordial channels connected to the meridians is much higher around cancerous tumors. When tested on mice, by cutting the meridians that surround the kidneys and leaving intact other vessels, nerves etc ... the kidneys of the mouse die within a few days ...
  • These meridians are therefore important and must remain intact for life to continue!
  • Imagine the state of these channels during surgery, when the surgeon, not knowing their locations, cuts being careful to preserve blood vessels and other well-known vessels but unknowingly destroys meridians. It then significantly affects the possibilities of healing. This is why during certain surgeries which damage important meridians, the cure is never complete and it always becomes a risky operation.
  • Our body is well made and can regenerate itself. Miracles, among others, are proof of this. The religions attribute them to themselves without seeking to know if this could be a spontaneous, normal repair of the human body !!!
  • I dare not imagine what happens in terms of the destruction of these meridians during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.
  • Because, in fact, these heavy treatments aim to destroy cells which have a rapid reproduction such as cancer cells. However, it also destroys all the channels in the meridians that are placed around cancerous tumors to eliminate them because they too are made up of rapidly growing cells.
  • These heavy treatments, it is becoming widely known to the general public, very rarely have positive results. In view of these discoveries we can understand why ...
  • In the case of cancerous tumors, this life energy should be better left to work. Give the body the possibility of destroying them itself.
  • Scientists should further try to understand why these tissues have developed tumors.
  • And, if the tumor progresses, wouldn't it be wise to act on the meridians to boost them to regenerate the tissues in question? This would make a most interesting article topic to write ...


Our body and our planet are a network of energy pathways

  • Our meridians are all linked together, interconnected and are all linked to an element.
  • The meridians are more active at certain times of the day and at certain times of the year.
  • Each meridian is influenced by an element or by a season.
  • The diagram that best explains these interactions is the Law of 5 Elements.

loi des 5 éléments

  • Our planet also has its own energy pathways or ley lines that can be compared to meridians.
  • In short, everything is energy and science is finally starting to confirm it.

To end this article on meridians

  • If we understand the usefulness of meridians and their influences on our health, our state of well-being and especially their actions on stem cells, we can then act on our body.
  • As we are well aware, within the Laboratoire Géomer , and in order to act in this direction, we have developed products which act directly on the meridians such as our 5 different TERRALS (clays for the face and body) and on acupuncture points such as our 5 Amplitudes (synergies of essential oils):

Les 5 Terrals du Laboratoire Géomer Amplitudes du Laboratoire Géomer

I discover the Géomer Terrals> I discover the Géomer Amplitudes>

It may happen, after using Géomer products on the skin and / or scalp, that the results are not achieved. This does not mean that the products do not work.

On the contrary, they have acted but another trigger is blocking them in their action. It may be related:

  • When taking medication
  • To the mind and to the psychosomatic
  • Has an environment conducive to disease or degeneration
  • To our way of life
  • ...

In view of the multiplicity of blocking causes, we have set up a system of guarantee 100% satisfied or refunded. In the event of no result, we propose to replace at our expense the products which have not taken action. This after having discussed it with our client and looking with him for the source or sources of blockage.

Our goal at Géomer is that you can take care of yourself.

Take care of your body, do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there.

Alain Ledroit,

CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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