My wife has fun pulling on my growing hair

Hair grows back at the tonsure.

My wife is having fun pulling on my growing hair.

Here is Mr Michaux's testimony in video:

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  • Jean-Noël Michaux has been using Géomer products to regrow his hair for two years.

Alain Ledroit:

  • Mr. Michaux, you are losing your hair and I believe that your hairdresser has advised you to use Géomer products. Can you explain to us?

Jean-Noël Michaux:

  • Exactly, two years ago, I started using Géomer products.
  • And as far as the tonsure is concerned, it was my wife who told me that there is regrowth. Because I do not see here above.
  • She is now happy to pull my hair, which is starting to grow.
  • And as for the front, it stagnated at the beginning. But now it's starting to grow too.

Alain Ledroit:

  • What do you use as Géomer products?

Jean-Noël Michaux:

Alain Ledroit:

  • How long after did your hair stop falling out?

Jean-Noël Michaux:

  • When I look in the sink, I would say a month. Oh not even. And the regrowth came after more or less 3 months.
  • And now, I have been using them for 2 years now, once a week for each product. And there is new hair growing back.
  • My wife is happy to shoot.
  • thank you so much
Jean-Noel Michaux

6700 Arlon (Fouches) Belgium

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