Sun burn ? Have the smart reflex!

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The sun is shining ! Protect your skin smartly because sunscreens are often lacking ... How to treat a sunburn and how to prepare your skin for the sun.

How to cure sunburn and how to prepare your skin for the sun

apaisez votre coup de soleil avec géomer

What protection against the sun?

It is summer !! We expose ourselves to the sun with a sunscreen having a high protection factor and, yet, we have red skin ... We have a sunburn.

... We forgot to stay hydrated by drinking water properly and our skin has not had time to create its melanin.

What are the effective remedies for sunburn?

You have used sunscreen and your skin is still heated, very red ... burnt by the sun?

  • Here we are in midsummer and it is very very hot.
  • The only desire, the first completely natural reflex that comes to mind, is to take off your shirt. To get shirtless to make the most of the sun.
  • The sun is necessary for our organism. Let's not forget that it is essential for synthesizing vitamin D which strengthens our bones. Without the sun, we would be prone to rickets and osteoporosis.
  • So, let's take advantage of the sun for once it is present and, moreover, very hot. Quick, a layer of total or high index sunscreen and we'll be protected!

brûlure soleil

Sunscreen with UV screen is not sufficient

  • Sun protection with full sun protection or a high index is not sufficient.

effet des UV sur la peau

Let's see why ???

  • The first thing that a cream with a full screen cannot protect us from is heat.
  • Indeed, a skin exposed to the sun could reach more than 60 ° C if the human body did not have this prodigious ability to be homeothermic. This means that, whatever happens, the human body tries (it is forced to survive) to maintain its temperature at 37 ° C permanently.
  • When exposed to the sun, does your full-screen cream keep your skin at a maximum of 37 ° C? No !
  • This is impossible for him because it is a cream applied to the skin which stops UVA and UVB rays but not the heat !!!
  • To protect the skin from the heat of the sun's rays, you should stand under a parasol that blocks UV rays and light. But then, we could not benefit from the benefits of the sun to strengthen our bones.
  • In addition, if you regularly follow my articles, you will understand that the aging of our body, of our skin is largely due to the fact that the tissues of modern humans lack water renewal (by functioning of the lymph). And that if our skin cannot sweat enough, it will not be able to maintain its temperature near 37 ° C. It will therefore overheat and burn even without UVA and UVB. And it's sunburn despite the sun protection !!!

What to do then?

Remember this:

  • It is quite natural to sunbathe and it is essential for your health.
  • The skin is designed for natural sun protection.
  • Normally, we shouldn't be living inside buildings all the time.
  • We should live the maximum of our time outside, in nature, to cultivate, gather, harvest, hunt ... This would allow, from the end of winter, our skin to gently protect itself from the sun. So that we are perfectly protected during very hot summer periods like the one we are enjoying at the time of writing this article: Full sun in Paris 30 ° C Very high UV index 8 on 06/15/2017 at 1.20 pm.
  • As modern and civilized humans, we are far from this ideal type of life for our body and our skin.
  • We live in a system where we are closer to the fungus that grows in the dark than to the human being we should be and who spends most of their time living in nature.

How to sunbathe intelligently according to our "modern life"?

We cannot afford this type of life. So, you absolutely have to find the right balance between modern life and outdoor life, in full sun.

  • In the first place, apply a sunscreen with a total screen or a protection factor corresponding to the state of our skin before sun exposure. If our skin is as fair as that of a fungus, we will need full screen ...
  • Secondly, it is necessary to hydrate the body by drinking water. Forget sodas, beers, chilled white wine, fruit juices with ice cubes etc ... which quench your thirst but do not hydrate at all the tissues of our body. (In reality, they do the opposite). To know how to drink properly and how to ensure that the water we drink goes to hydrate the skin tissues properly, we must "drink like a tennis player". I wrote an article in this blog on the subject of the water we drink. Read the article on this subject >>
  • In third place, help your skin during the first exposures to the sun to defend itself naturally by creating melanin.

How to help the skin create melanin for a healthy tan?

You have to help or allow your skin to create the melanin it needs and thus protect itself effectively against future sun exposure = natural tanning. The anti sunburn solution.

protection solaire interne

  • To effectively help fair skin to tan after the first 2 or 3 exposures to the sun, it is therefore necessary that the surface tissues of the skin are functioning properly to create the protective melanin. That is to say, that there is a perfect arrival of blood at the level of the blood capillaries of the dermis and obviously a perfect elimination of the lymph too. Which is far from the case without a Geomer boost.
  • To do this, you just need to apply Terral Red for 20 minutes on skin that has been exposed to the sun.
  • This application allows the treated skin to generate melanin thanks to the lymphatic drainage performed by this mask.
  • In the event of severe sunburn (as in the first photos in this article) a second application of Terral Rouge is recommended after 24 hours to stop the burn and avoid "peeling".
  • The skin can then reconstitute its protective capital thanks to the precious melanin.

Terral rouge du laboratoire Géomer

One application of Terral Rouge is enough

  • After your exposure to the sun (especially if it is the first and the skin tends to have been too hot).
  • Apply a 1-millimeter layer of Terral Red on the skin that has been exposed for 20 to 30 minutes.

terral rouge application terral rouge  coup de soleil

  • During the break time, we really feel a lot of freshness and we really feel the lymphatic drainage which takes place by bringing a very important relief to the treated area.
  • After this pause time, rinse the skin and then wipe dry.
  • Finish with hydration and skin mineralization with a littlePhyto Douce Emulsion.

émulsion phyto douce du laboratoire Géomer peau après l'application terral rouge

A perfect tan in 2 days

Protecting your skin from the sun is good, but preparing it for the next exposure is better!

  • One to two applications per day of Terral Rouge on skin not used to the sun, on arrival of fine weather, and you will no longer need a cream with a UV screen the following days when you are exposed to the sun.
  • Because, the skin will now be able to protect itself thanks to its natural tan.
  • Be careful, however, if you decide to spend the whole afternoon at the beach lying on your towel ...
  • Remember to drink properly throughout the day. It's primordial !

In case of sunburn

  • If your skin has been burned from too much sun exposure.
  • Make two consecutive applications of Terral Red with a break time of 30 minutes each and repeat an application the next day.
  • The first two applications will have removed as much heat as possible from the skin and will have stopped the burns.
  • Then the skin will have regained a normal appearance and will be relieved of the burn.
  • Terral does more than relieve the burn. He heals her.

It seemed important to me to give you these little tips for the occasion in this beautiful summer weather that we are currently experiencing.

It is completely useless to use sunscreens during all your sunbathing if you do not want to stay pale and turn lobster red after each exposure. The skin must also be able to naturally protect itself. All while preserving your sun capital.

Tan well and intelligently because you only have one skin and it must be preserved.

Alain Ledroit,
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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