Testimony of Sandra Baquer the psoriasis has completely disappeared

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A very effective treatment for psoriasis

Sandra suffered from severe psoriasis.

  • It testifies to the effectiveness of Géomer products
  • I would like to express here my gratitude to the Géomer team for the effectiveness of its products in the treatment of a very debilitating psoriasis and having resisted all other treatments including cures of cortisone-based products.
  • My psoriasis is very localized to the neck and nape area and to treat it I use daily massages on purifying dermo peeling gel and Oligo F4 of Géomer with twice a week the Propolis shampoo also from Géomer.
  • The itching stops upon application with a lasting feeling of well-being and a marked improvement day after day in the general condition,
  • We forget the discomfort caused by this disease and especially the unsightly colored spots also disappear, allowing the skin to regain its natural balance.
  • Furthermore, I lost a lot of hair on the psoriasis patches also located on the back of the skull and since the treatment I have hardly lost any.
  • I highly recommend this treatment to those who encounter such problems.
  • Personally, I will continue with regular maintenance cures.
Best regards.
Sandra Braquer témoigne
33200 Bordeaux - France

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