The buffalo hump (or upper back hump)

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The buffalo hump

  • Buffalo hump is an abnormal buildup under the skin that forms a lump of fat under the skin at the back of the neck and shoulders.

bosse bison femme

This bump at the back of the neck: What is it?

Important to know!

  • No, the buffalo hump or upper back hump is not a lump of fat.
  • It is important not to do liposuction. If you do one, you will destroy all the lymphatic ducts in the back of the skull. This will amplify the migraines and your current worries.
  • No, this bump in the back is not related to an inappropriate head posture, nor to a bent position of the body.
  • Buffalo hump still forms after lymph node blockage that are there.
  • The cause: This blockage is very often due to stress or nervousness about certain situations that have arisen in your life lately.
  • There is a very simple and natural solution to resolve these blockages.

The only solution, simple, safe, without surgery to get rid of it

Let's see in detail how to easily get rid of this bump:

bosse bison vertèbre amplitude 4 du laboratoire géomer

What is called the buffalo hump, is not bone but a collection of tissue that is located between the skin and the first fixed vertebra of the spine which is actually the seventh cervical vertebra.

Normally, the skin tissue is distributed evenly throughout, but there are many abnormalities called lipodystrophies. This is what happens when skin tissue changes shape abnormally. They are divided into two categories according to lack and excess.

  • Lipo-atrophies are a lack of tissue that often appears when we get older. It is these lack of tissue volume that causes veins to appear in the elderly.
  • Lipo-hypertrophies are caused by accumulations of tissue in specific areas of the body.

  • When this type of accumulation occurs in the neck, the lump thus created is reminiscent of the lump of fat present on bison.
  • It is enough to do research on the web to discover, that in general, it is about a lump due to an excess of fats whose origins would be multiple. It is even said that it is due to chronic diseases.
  • The solution, most often recommended, to eliminate this type of inconvenience, would be to do a liposuction or to use ultrasound in order to dissolve the excess fat cells.

Location is too important for surgery!

  • Before we want to dissolve fat and remove it, we need to ask ourselves what is important there.
  • Indeed, apart from the bone of the vertebra, there is a very important branching of lymphatic vessels.
  • Let us not forget that it is these lymphatic vessels that remove toxins from our tissues and our body.

les ganglions lymphatiques

Liposuction destroys the cervical lymphatic network

  • Before considering liposuction at the level of this cervical vertebra, could we not look for an alternative solution?
  • Better to spare our lymph nodes because they are very important. It is through them that all toxins from the back of our head are evacuated.

A buffalo hump = blocked lymph nodes


Despite the fact that having a hump on the back of the neck, the bison hump as such does not have any serious character, in some cases it can lead to minor inconveniences such as:

An often unrecognized origin

Very often, the buffalo hump has a very simple origin: The mind!

The lymph nodes there are surrounded by a multitude of small nerves. When we are a little too stressed by a situation, these little nerves get strained and eventually compress the lymph node ducts. If the stress is prolonged of course. This compression inevitably leads to a blockage of the lymphatic fluid which flows with great difficulty towards the lower body.

People who have a buffalo hump due to this blockage of lymph fluid are very often people who:

  • Are stressed,
  • Carry (figuratively) the burden of others, the world, on their backs.
  • Are women for whom it is difficult to combine professional, private and mother's life. All of these situations create a state of nervousness or stress that can cause this buffalo hump to appear.
  • Literally, they get their backs on certain situations in their life.

A natural solution to eliminate this buffalo hump

  • This buffalo hump is very common in the population, although it is more often present in females than in males. It is during the application of our clay masks, Terrals Géomer, during anti-baldness hair care, as much in men that at the women, that we were able to find a simple and effective solution to eliminate this buffalo hump.
  • Indeed, during the application of a Terral mask on the scalp, some people did not feel anything. No feeling of cool or heat, whereas Géomer's Terrals masks are very powerful lymphatic drainers to improve blood microcirculation. Hence the sensations of freshness or heat during an application on the skin or the scalp. We must not lose sight of the fact that Géomer products are very effective in solving skin, scalp and hair problems thanks to the bases of traditional Chinese medicine.
  • During many treatments in hair centers, we noticed that all the people (+/- 95%) who felt nothing had this buffalo hump. They did not get any results in stopping hair loss. Even less at the level of new hair regrowth.
  • This made it possible to establish the link between the presence of a bison hump and a lack of effectiveness of the Terral Géomer mask.
  • For these people, Terral did not work because it cannot be effective when the lymph nodes are blocked. The main function of Terrals masks is to help the skin to evacuate its waste via the lymph.
  • If the lymph evacuation is blocked in the lymph nodes, no draining product or care will be able to work effectively.
  • Discover our clays: Geomer Terrals used to solve skin and scalp concerns.

Treatment for bison hump

Unblock those lymph nodes with our Amplitude n ° 4

amplitude n°4 dénoue la bosse de bison

Users talk about their bison hump before and after applying Amplitude # 4 and report very positive results!

TESTIMONY WITH PHOTOS: In particular, Dominique Martin took the trouble to take photos of his important bison hump during his treatment with Amplitude 4. You can see before and after photos there. by clicking here

(See all customer reviews on Amplitude 4 here>)témoignages bosse de bison

How to use Amplitude 4 to remove the buffalo hump:

  • This synergy of calming and soothing essential oils is to be applied on the bison hump. Usually 3 to 4 drops are sufficient.
  • Then, massage the lump with your fingertips energetically enough to force all the tight-knit nerves to relax. This will be done easily under the action of finger pressure and the calming action of the synergy of essential oils of the amplitude.
  • Do not hesitate to ask someone to perform this massage. This will be all the more effective!
  • For people with this type of buffalo hump, such an energetic massage will do the most good. This will bring you better comfort at the neck, a disappearance of migraine and all the inconveniences associated with the bison hump.
  • For those who follow a hair treatment with a Terral Géomer, it is necessary to operate this release just before the application of Terral on the scalp. During the break time of the Terral mask, the person who was blocked with this bump will feel a lot of freshness and lightness in the scalp. It is very common that a need to go to the toilet is felt in the following minutes because the evacuation of toxins will have to be done by natural means.

A bony bison hump? It's not a buffalo hump

If you can feel the bone directly under the skin, your neck bone sticking out a bit, then it is not a buffalo hump but maybe lordosis. In this case, we recommend that you talk to your doctor and possibly do x-rays.

Nevertheless, Amplitude n ° 4 will also be beneficial to you to reduce the tensions that you accumulate in your neck.

One last tip!

For anyone who is prone to having this buffalo hump

Despite the effectiveness of this method that I have just described to you, this should not be forgotten.

  • Your body is talking to you.
  • The presence of a buffalo hump means that there is no point in wanting to carry the burden of the world on your back.
  • If the bump is blocking or bothering you, it means that your thoughts causing that bump are blocking and bothering you.
  • To stop having this stress, it is better to let go of the situation and avoid the worries that this generates.
  • Have confidence in life. We all have real abilities to complicate things or situations that could be solved very simply.
  • And if your hair is falling out or getting very thin since you got that bump on your upper back, then get rid of it by following my advice. And grow your hair stronger and denser by following our specific care for male hair loss and specific care for female hair loss.

In summary, we must learn to listen to our body.

prends soin de ton corps

"Take care of your body so that your soul wants to stay there"

Mahatma Gandhi

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And finally, don't forget the most important:

Take good care of yourself.

Alain Ledroit
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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