Trial of Géomer products on eczema following psoriasis

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Relieved from eczema on elbows and scalp

Natural products much more effective than pharmaceutical products

Mr. Alain Gérard gives his opinion on Géomer treatments:

I had eczema from psoriasis. There were traces of it on the elbows and a few scabs on the scalp around the ears. The itching was so unbearable that it made me want to rip the skin off. One of my patients suggested that I try Geomer products.

Here is my opinion on these products:

  • You have to be patient, but if you follow the proposed treatment protocol well, after 15 days, there is a clear improvement in the itching.
  • It took a good month to see any real improvement in the ulcers.
  • I recommend because they are natural products that are much more effective than pharmaceuticals that I used for 3 years without much improvement except the derivatives of "cortisone"

Alain Gérard, Dentist

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