My summer toiletry bag

Phyto Gel Bio H
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Hormonal drop stabilizer
Phyto Gel Bio H is the solution against hormonal loss in both men and women.

Very effective gel, with guaranteed results, to fight against hair loss called hereditary or androgenic alopecia (AAG)
Natural treatment for baldness in men and women
Increases the speed of hair growth
Stabilizes oily scalps
A clinical study confirms its effectiveness

Oligo F3
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Hair growth activator
Composed of 3 essential trace elements for hair (Iron, Copper, Zinc), Oligo F3 is used for:

Activate hair growth
Nourish hair
Help thin, bodyless and limp hair to be stronger and more vigorous
Make hair grow faster
Have stronger, thicker hair
Stop hair loss by directly addressing the causes of deficiency loss